“Baggage Claim”

So..free screening of ‘Baggage Claim’ tonight.. umm.. yeah..what do I say, what do I say, what do I say, about this movie.. Well.. Paula Patton is stunningly pretty..but that’s all I can give her..she so over-the-top acts in this movie she’s almost unbearable as a character..and if you don’t figure out the plot line within the first 3 minutes of this movie..well..then you should stop going to movies altogether! ha! It’s got a few redeemable moments from the supporting cast, most note-able are Adam Brody & Jill Scott.. but all in all I think there are much better movies to spend your money on this holiday movie season.. Grade: D #peggyatthemovies


I am sooooo looking forward to the Holiday movie season – so to start it off and even though I have a free screening on Thursday of “RUSH” – I had to go see it on the 1st day of limited release…Why?..because I’ve loved Formula 1 since I was a little girl & my dad & I used to watch it together & he would tell me all about the race car drivers. This movie is every single one of those memories and having had the chance to have met Niki Lauda in the 80’s makes it super special to me.. But it’s not just a movie about car racing, it’s a story about people & their lives, about what it takes to overcome & survive incredible odds, about 2 sportsmen, who led polar opposite lives & who despite an intense rivalry that made them hate each other, were also full of respect for each other. It’s sad, funny, intense & and even though it has a few choppy moments, is a great story woven into it about a world I’m sure many don’t know to much about. For me, I can’t wait to see it again..oh and yeah.. This is for the girls ~ Chris Hemsworth is amazingly hott! I didn’t think I would ever say this..but his blue eyes are almost like Paul Newman blue eyes.. 😀 Grade: B+ #peggyatthemovies