So I think I’ve made it clear how much I love this movie.. So it makes perfect sense that I would love the director also, which I do. 🙂  I loved last years ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ I loved ‘Three Kings’ so do I think he would be a great shot to win this award..yes I choice hands down.

ZZZZzzzzz was ‘Gravity’ for me.  I mean can we say green screen & CGI all the way…no, I can’t at least. Did I think it was made to be seen in 3D, yes ..yes I did because it made it better but do I think you should get a best director award for that. Answer = no.

While I thought this movie was sweet and cute..I don’t understand the director’s nod here when a movie like ‘the Bulter’ got overlooked for it. ah well.. que sera sera I do like some of his other work more and yeah.. it’s highly unlikely he will win. 

Well..since I think this movie is not so well done, choppy, and all over the place ~ and that is because of the direction – I’m not in this guys corner for the all.

Oh yes.. The short man came up with another goodie.. I mean what a career this man has had. His movies that I love, including this one, are almost to many to list. And while he finally got his Oscar and was overlooked more times than any great director should.. I’m not sure if he will take this..though it’s deservedly his as his movies is head & shoulders above Alfonso Cuaron, Steve McQueen and Alexander Payne in this category.. I definitely pick him as my runner up..




While I liked this movie and thought Sally’s performance was a good one, at the time, I didn’t think ‘oh this is an Oscar worthy performance’ I just thought it good. So for me, she is not the winner here ..more like an honorable mention I guess. sorry..

As you know I did love this movie and usually love Jennifer more.. Oh don’t doubt me that she wasn’t good, as she was and yeah..the nomination is deserved but maybe it’s the fact that in comparison to some of the others, there wasn’t as much screen time. Yes, I know Judi Dench won for like 10 min onscreen once..but here I don’t it think it should be. Will she win? most likely and I won’t be upset over it.

Yeah I know, everyone loves her and I think she’s been standout in all the fashion leading up to this night to and will probably boggle us with another beautiful dress etc.. And hands down, it was a good performance, but again, same complaint as I have with the movie..choppy..another ‘would not be upset’ though.. 🙂

While I really didn’t like this movie as I felt I’ve seen it before a few too many times, one of the 1st things I said when leaving was..Julia was really good.  Both her & Julianne Nicholson held their own against a always strong Meryl Streep, and that is nothing to take’s not an easy feat even if you are a REALLY good actress..  She’s my runner-up…

Why is Julia Roberts my runner-up you ask.. because yep.. I am being the sucker here and going for the senior club.. June Squibb was simply put..wonderful in this role.  She’s been acting almost all her life, we’ve never known who she was really..then BOOM at 84 years old..YES I SAID EIGHTY FOUR YEARS OLD – she comes out an wows us with a funny, sarcastic, over the top crochety old persons performance that is sure to never be forgotten. That is why she is my pick.. 

Till tomorrow all when I roll onto Best Director… until then…#peggyatthemovies

COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS ~ “Best Supporting Actor”

Oscars 2013 ~ Who will win!!!  Image

While this was a nice nod to the complete unknown ‘limo driver’ as he was – he is probably the longest shot to win in the category.  It’s not a bad performance, but does not even come close or compare to the other nominees here. 

I loved Bradley’s performance, just liked I loved the movie.  He’s crazy & over the top, but yet makes it believable. I wouldn’t be upset if he won. 

This wasn’t my favourite by a long shot as I felt the same about the movie. But I can’t deny that it wasn’t a worthy performance.  Though crazy..but worthy! 🙂  My criticism is though the same one I have with the movie itself…choppy and you’re there one moment, gone the next, and boom! back again. 

While this is definitely one of my top movies of the year, and I did like the performance, I think it’s still hard for us to see Jonah Hill as anything else but the funny, odd man out character. Yes, I know this is his 2nd nomination, and sorry, but stigma attached I don’t think he will win it. 

And here Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls ~ WE HAVE OUR WINNER.  What can you say about this performance that hasn’t been said?!!  It’s just incredible. Is it the fact that Jared showed up to the set in character, stayed in it the during the entire filming, and even left in it..’s the fact that it was simply put, hands down, best supporting actor performance of the year.  The end.