#peggyatthemovies review of “DIVERGENT”


So..I’m sitting here trying to decide if I really liked this movie or really dis-liked it.  Conclusion – I liked the fact that it’s a few steps above Twilight for sure and I think the premise of the story I liked best of all. The whole different factions and how to in the end you get to choose your own faction, whether it be good or bad for you, leaving your family etc.. speaks to me on how some people are pressured to do something they dis-like their whole lives against their wishes.. BUT..on the other hand, it has the sappy love story that evolves within moments and you can see coming a mile away along with the silly names they call themselves. I realize it’s Science Fiction and some of that has to be taken with a grain of salt, so i did.  

The whole parents thing..where they are secret badasses etc.. and the acting..yeah..Shailene Woodley can definitely take over the Kristen Stewart crown now.  The stone/wood face and delivery of lines, actions etc..Though she does an overall much better job than Stewart, she can inherit that crown.  And as much as Theo James is a tall, delicious drink of water, he fits right into the genre of teen-girl heartthrob that was apparent by 1/2 the audience who squeals when they kiss. He’s still quite new to acting and I’ve seen some of his British TV,  namely ‘Bedlam’ & his one episode ‘arc’ on ‘Downton Abbey’ but he was so memorable in even that one episode!! And ‘Bedlam’ might not have been the best show, but it was decent and he was decent in it. He even carried an U.S. TV show called ‘Golden Boy’ and for a relative unknown, that is a big deal.  The show wasn’t very good, but he was.  I hope he doesn’t go the way of the ‘Twilight’ stars and gets a good career really moving. He’s so easy on the eyes that he could really be put into just about anything.  Kate Winslett is good enough as the leader who wants to control all factions and get rid of the ‘Divergents’ aka Four & Tris, Ashley Judd – meh.. and they should have made Tony Goldwyn to be Theo James’ father..just my opinion. For me, one of the best performances and one that just captivates you is Jai Courtney as ‘Eric’  he’s so manipulative and crazy scary that you can’t help but want to see what comes next with his character.  

But back to the movie— It’s an entertaining watch to say the least.. a bit too long in the tooth maybe, as there are probably a good 20-30minutes that could have been cut, but all in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon.  

Grade: C+





Saw this movie on Friday upon it’s nation-wide release and YES – I LoVED it.. It’s a funny, darkly comical romp of a movie that never stops moving and making you laugh.  It’s one of those movies that make you want to go find this extraordinary hotel and stay there just for the fun ride it seems to be. It’s set in a time & place (inbetween the 2 World Wars) though that sadly, we’ve missed and I for one, would love to get back to.  The supporting cast & cameos here make this movie even better especially Willem Dafoe who plays the most comic, fun villan ever.. and Ray Fiennes, who hasn’t been seen in a really good lead role such as this in a while..& Tony Revolori have you in stitches from the get go until the end.. This is by far one of Wes Anderson’s best pictures yet for me and I’ve liked pretty much all of them.  He has a way with this type of genre that just works and I love watching it unfold into a good movie.  Is it Oscar material – way to early for that and I’m on the fence for just that reason as you never know what else is to come..But is it the best new movie of 2014 so far.. yep..I will say that..I recommend this in a big way for everyone to see though I do get it’s not for everyone..or the genre isn’t.. For me it was a fun ride.. Grade: B+   




Yep..I loved this movie. a lot.. I thought it was fun, fast-paced, great soundtrack, great costuming, great one-liners, fantastic hairstyles and great comb-overs!! And yes, again, a really good dark comedy. Ross Von Metzke hated this movie..even with all that going for it.. so #BOO to him.  And it actually has a chance to win..It’snot my 1st choice, but it’s up there!!

So I knew the story from when it happened in real life and for some reason just did not have the desire to see this movie when it was out. I only recently watched it on ONDEMAND and it was okay.  I wasn’t surprised by anything and the performances were good. But unlike say, last years Best Picture & one of my fav. movies ever, ‘Argo’ it didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat. I knew the ending of that movie also, yet the tension was surmountable. This didn’t do that for me.  Was it an entertaining good movie, yeah it was..but I think it could have been skipped over for a few others that might have been better that didn’t get nominated. Not even close for a win from me.

Well..in case you didn’t know it already I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! there..I said it..:)  It’s by far my movie of the year and sadly it’s a long shot to win Best Picture.. For me, not only were there fantastic acting throughout the movie, but the story told was simply just heartfelt and amazing.  Once again a true story, but one that kept you rooting rooting and then rooting more for Ron Woodward in the fight for his life.  It was one of the best ‘little guy takes on bureaucracy’ movies made in a very long time.  If the Academy has anything left in them, this would be their movie of the year.. as is, It’s mine!

I just don’t get it.. I don’t get the hype, the accolades as honestly, I almost nodded off during this movie.  It had a good premise and all, and it’s possibly one of the only movies I would recommend in 3Dm but beyond that.. no..it was a basic okay movie that was entertaining enough at times, but at others, really dragged. And it’s all CGI/Green Screen..which I guess I just still like movies that are actual movies this year. Sandra Bullock has been better…and I love George Clooney, but his character actually kinda creeped me out. Sad thing is..this movie might win and it’s so my ‘Anne Hathaway’ of the year.. :/

Huh.. this movie left me in a conundrum.  See I have always liked Joaquin Phoenix and while I think his performance was good, the movie was so-so for me.  I couldn’t get into the whole Scarlett Johansson voice g/f though we can thank our lucky stars she wasn’t on-screen trying to act it out as that would have been worse than just a voice. But does anyone not remember ‘Lars & the Real Girl’ with Ryan Gosling..now that movie I loved.. This one just made me laugh in disbelief at times, and make me know for sure that I never want to live in a time when your friends don’t blink and eye that you’re bringing a cyber-bot on a double date..shoot me before that happens please.. 

While this was a cute, sweet movie and I liked it well enough, what it comes down to is it really has no business being nominated up here with some of these movies. They skipped over a lot of other really good ones and for me that says it all. 

When I went to see this movie I had no idea it was a real story..and even more so that the ending had happened in our not so recent past.  To this day, I will never understand the cruelty that religion and religious purveyors put upon people.  This movie broke my heart as it could have been such a happy outcome but because of the absurdity of the Catholic Church, it was heartwrenching. Dame Judi was wonderful in bringing the real Philomena to life and Steve Coogan in a good turn as the reporter who helps her unearth the truth and becomes an invaluable friend. Best Picture..no probably not, but a good movie nonetheless

So I realize this movie is one of the Oscar darlings of the year and has a very good chance of winning but I don’t see how the Academy isn’t seeing some of what I saw.  Let me preface that by saying, I thought it was a good movie..just not a great movie and it seems to be touted to be.  For me it was choppy and out of sync..starts off with Solomon Northup is in a club of sorts, then he seemly kidnapped, then he’s on a farm with some crazies, one of them a great performance by Paul Dano, then he’s with Alfre Woodward & Lupita while they are sipping tea with pinkies and all, then he’s getting tormented by Fassbender, then Garrett Dillahunt deceives him, then all of a sudden Fassbender is back, then he’s building a gazebo with Brad Pitt.. there were points in time when I almost got lost. If we are going to go story for story of the slave era, I would pick ‘The Butler’ way over this movie and the ton of great performances it had that have all been overlooked. But again, it’s an Oscar darling. *sigh*

Oh the EXCESS EXCESS EXCESS of this movie.. I loved every second of it and the fantastic performances and while it was probably one of the best of the dark comedies, we are reminded that this too is a true story and how disgusting it was how one guy bilked out so many people. But that’s why Leo wanted to do..he wanted to show that and wow..what a performance he gave.  Marty Scorsese is always brilliant and yes, I am secretly cheering for this movie to win ..after DBC of course.. 🙂





aahhh Christian..loved you in this movie..No one can do a combover better than you! ha! And while you winning would totally be deserved, I just don’t think it’s going to happen this time around. 

While I think Bruce has had many good acting turns over his storied career, and this is a decent movie, this was a pretty basic performance of his for me.  Like he could have done it eyes-closed and for me, he doesn’t really deserve to be in this category with this movie up against some really stellar performances. Both June Squibb & Will Arnett out-acted him in this one. So no win here from me. 

Leo..damn you Leo!! You were quite simply put ‘fucking fantastic’ in this role. It was all yours and yours alone. You were just so good that it made the movie all the better and yes, I know you’ve been nominated 5 times and haven’t won and that so sucks…and you are my total runner-up and if you win I will not be sad because damn it, it would be so deserved!!! 

Good performance..but for me, not in the caliber of Leo’s or Matthew’s just as the movie wasn’t in that caliber either.. I truly thought there were others that were markedly better performances, but then this movie seems to be one of the darlings of the Oscars and so the performance stands. 

Well..Allright, Allright, Allright… yeah..it’s hard not to start off a Matthew McConaughey review without that. But let’s regress for a second. There was a time about 15+ years ago when he came on the scene in ‘Dazed & Confused’. ‘A Time to Kill’ etc.. that we just all thought.’wow, love this guy and he can act’ Then sometime right after all that, there was a fork in the road and one side said ‘corny movies, but money’ the other side said ‘good movies but no money’ We all know which road he took as up until early 2013 I can’t remember anyone in many years saying..’oh let’s go see that McConaughey movie’ but I do remember many times saying ‘let’s go see the Leo or Christian movie’ I even remember when Matthew was balding..and badly..and then came on Letterman and said he found this new product..started with an ‘A’ can’t remember the name, and his hair came back nicely. So nicely that when he finally got a grip on his career and said let’s do a few actual good movies again where I show people that yes, I can still act..And ‘Mud’ was wonderful.. But ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ blew me away..I loved everything about this movie and this performance.. And while it’s been dubbed the year of the “McConaissance’ I truly hope it last for a very long time as if ‘True Detective’ is any indication of this..I’m all back in Matthew and I hope you win this award!!! 



Have I said that I loved this movie yet??! ha! yes, I don’t care what Ross Von Metzke says – the movie is great and Amy Adams was pure GOLD in this role.. I’ve liked her in a few things before,but this was definitely her starring vehicle. Will she win?? well, she has a really good chance and it would be deserved if she did. 

I like Blue Jasmine and I really liked Cate Blanchett in this role..you couldn’t have asked for a better actress to pull off a Woody Allen starring role than her. I mean remember Scarlett Johannson in ‘Match Point’  yeah..enough said – she was awful..but Cate is wonderful and really made this movie.. Will the Woody Allen controversy hurt her..yeah there is a big chance it could.. here’s to hoping it doesn’t.

Oh Sandy Sandy Sandy…3 words for you..’The Blind Side’ in which you were so fantastic and totally deserved that Oscar.. This..oh..Sandy..I’m sorry..but no. just no. 

Who doesn’t love Dame Judi..I dare anyone to say they don’t. And her performance here is stellar as usual..and as much as this movie broke my heart and made me hate what those horrible religious zealots did to the real Philomena – I don’t think it’s going to garner her an Oscar this time around. 

I know I didn’t love this movie as much as some.. Meryl is always always good and considering she sat behind me at the premiere..:)  I just felt like I’ve seen her do this role time and again. It wasn’t anything new..