“Dallas Buyers Club”

So I remember once reading the opening of a book called Brian’s Song, and it said ‘All true stories end in death’ – morbid, but kinda true. “Dallas Buyers Club” is a true story.. and it’s one of the better movies I’ve seen all year. It’s tells the story of Ron Woodward, and for those of you who don’t know who that is, he was probably one of the 1st straight men to be infected with HIV back in the day, 1985ish, when no one really knew anything about the disease. It’s an incredible story that tells one man’s odyssey of fighting for his life & others against the almighty FDA who just don’t really care if people live or die with their ridiculous procedures. Matthew McConaughy is almost unrecognizable and gives possibly the performance of his lifetime & for me he is 2 for 2 this year with ‘Mud’ also being really good. I do see a possible Oscar Nom for him on this.. Jared Leto – NEEDS to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor (or Actress  he is superb. All in all, great performances, great story for all to see. Don’t miss this movie!!! Grade: A #peggyatthemovies


Saw ‘Gravity’ tonight – and an fyi Los Angelenos..Regal Cinemas has $7 Tuesdays..all day/night any showing, 3D-IMAX whatever..no extra charge..it’s downtown at LA LIVE which is unbearably quiet when nothing at Staples or Nokia..but anyways..yeah it was probably 1 of the 1st movies I would say ‘worth it in 3D’ as it was well done and the photography was amazing.. I think I am missing the hype of what a GREAT movie it is though..I mean I thought it was good.. but not great by any means.. to be truthful, there was a moment I almost nodded off. Sandy was fun in it, but this is not an award winning performance like ‘The Blind Side’ was..and although George Clooney’s character threw me off and to be honest, kinda creeped me out. Would I recommend it. eeehhh that’s a tough call but yes, I guess I could say I would though not as highly as some do.

Grade: C+ #peggyatthemovies

“Last Vegas”

Saw a screener last night of ‘Last Vegas’ and yeah it’s exactly what you think it’s going to be.. a movie that your parents will probably love…well at least my mom will. It’s predictable & schmaltzy, but with the star power it has it does deliver a few good laughs as you would expect it to do. Would I recommend for anyone but the parents, nah, but it’s always nice to see your parents laugh some. Grade: C-