Oscar Picks for 2012 movies

It’s the final day..the big one..Best Picture: Well I think I’ve made it no secret what I think the best pic is..With that..a quick rundown of the ‘others’ *note – did not see ‘Life of Pie’ had no desire to see a movie done almost entirely on green screen..its a cable movie to me. sorry..’Lincoln’ decent enough movie, the supporting cast was great but oh so slow & plodding at times, but was fun to see that the Republican party was once the party of change..boy have they done an about face.. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ – a different type of look on a love story..tho predictable. still a decent movie; ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ it wasn’t The Hurt Locker for me, but it was a good movie; ‘Les Miserables’ was pretty much miserable for me..this and ‘Amour’ were just plain bad bad bad movies & not even sure who the hell nominated them. seriously..awful. I walked out of one & would have walked out the other but thankfully it ended. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” yeah..um..def not a best picture kind of movie..not sure I get the nomination here as it was odd and not in a good way. I mean I got the meaning behind the story..but it just didn’t do it for me. Now ‘Django Unchained’ WAS a fantastic movie..simply FANTASTIC..I did not think i would like it this much..if I have a 2nd choice this is it.. FIRST CHOICE – yep.. you guessed it.. ‘Argo’..but let me tell you why..you knew what was going to happen, yet it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time and when it didn’t you were laughing..it was the right mix of everything a really great movie should be!! plus I want Ben Affleck to get up on stage when he wins and tell the Academy ARGO-fuckyourself for not nominating me as director!!! ha! #Peggyatthemovies

Oscars – Best Actor pick

Day 5: Getting down to the nitty gritty – Best Actor. Did not see Joaquin Phoenix so can’t judge. And while some of the movies these actors were in were slow & plodding at times, they did REALLY good jobs. Daniel Day Lewis portrayed Lincoln in such a believable manner, Denzel – just amazing in this role, Hugh Jackman, even tho I couldn’t bear the movie, did an ok job, and Bradley Cooper..who would have thought the Hangover guy could actually act??!! And that my friends, is exactly why I am picking him..I like surprises, I like the fact that he went so far out of what is the norm for him. We all know Daniel & Denzel etc..can act.. so let’s break out of the box for once & give it to the guy who we would have never thought in this lifetime would even be nominated.. plus maybe he will bring a tiger onstage for his accpetance speech!! 😀 #Peggyatthemovies

Oscars – Best Director 2012

Day 3: Best Director – Let’s just start this off with the fact that Ben Affleck was NOT nominated for this Oscar and that my friends is a travesty!!! Same with Quentin!! But..moving on. The only one I can’t judge here is Ang Lee – who I somewhat like as a director but just had no desire to see ‘Life of Pi’ sorry..to those that love it..but its just a ‘wait till its on cable’ movie for me. ‘Amour’ was a terrible, horribly depressing movie..having seen plenty of foreign films I know how different they can be..but a 3 min scene of a lady vacuuming which had nothing to do with the movie..& there were many scenes like this..so sorry Michael Haneke, no bueno; Steven Speilberg, ‘Lincoln’, while beautifully filmed, could have easily been 45min shorter. Benh Zeitlin, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, while an ok movie – also had its ‘huh’ factor for me. So the last one left is David O. Russell – and I would then by fault give the award to him, as ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ was a B+ type of movie.. Do I think it should go to Ben Affleck or Quentin Tarantino – yes by all means YES! but sadly they don’t allow write-in’s.. *sigh* #Peggyatthemovies

Oscars – Best Supporting Actor 2012

Day 2 – Best Supporting Actor: This is a great category..sadly much better than the women’s side. I will preface this by saying I think John Goodman was ROBBED for not getting a nod for his role in ‘Flight’ – but moving on, Robert Di Niro, just fantastic..I mean he’s getting older..but damn he can still give it to a role. Tommy Lee Jones, good job, but I thought Lee Pace was a better supporting in Lincoln. Before I saw Django – from the trailer I thought..meh ..Christof Waltz did this role already in Basterds..I was wrong..he is so good in this fantastic movie!! Sadly, did not see Phillip Seymour Hoffmans perf. but I DID see Alan Arkins and this is my pick for BSA Oscar!!