Lucky me. I was able to go to another Sony screening with the lovely Brooke Walker taking me to see this movie a week before it gets released. I appreciate this so very much!! Along with the screaming child someone decided to bring along..*sigh* As for the movie..well.. let’s say this.. It’s Spiderman – The Amazing Spiderman. Ok..so it’s not super amazing, but it’s entertaining enough.

I feel the chemistry between Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spiderman) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) is once again, quite good. Andrew Garfield is SUCH a better Spiderman than Tobey MacGuire ever could be, that much is a given. But once again, I always forget that Spiderman means….well…er… there is going to be spiders and eeeeek!!! my fear is so massive of just seeing tons of them crawl around – it equals bad dreams are ensured for me later. I remember going to see the 1st Spiderman with Ross Von Metzke & coming home & seeing a big spider on the glass of my skylight thingy in the bathroom & yes, kinda freaking out!! Though I will say, the first one had way more, so I only had to close my eyes a few times here. ha! And yes, I know it’s nothing to do with the movie and neither here nor there for a review..but it sheds a bit of light on ME, as a person. ūüôā

Along to the movie, starts off well enough, and though it can tend to lean into the sappy at times between the leads, again, the chemistry between the two works well enough to not have you start yawning, though the continual ‘break-up to make up’ does get tedious at times. This time around you see our leads, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy graduating from college and Gwen is given an offer to attend Oxford. Yep..the one in London. All the while Peter is still seeing her father, Capt. Stacy (Denis Leary in flashbacks) telling him to leave his daughter be so she can remain safe. So of course they break up.. as Spiderman has to go save the city once again from the first bad guy of this pic Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) and makes short work of him and while doing so save the life of Max Dillon (in a lackluster performance by Jamie Foxx) who then turns into the uber-Spiderman fan and thinks they are now best friends as he really has no life other than working for, you guessed it, Oscorp, where it’s such a coinkydinky that Gwen Stacy works there too and befriends him in the elevator. You see the connection coming here like a brick in the face riiigghhtt??!!!

Well another coinkydinky is right around the corner as Peter Parkers scientist dad, Richard Parker (Campbell Scott) whom we all know is dead, along with his mom, Mary Parker (Embeth Davidtz), well his ex-partner in scientist-land where they created the spider venom etc.. Norman Osborne (Chris Cooper) who is dying from some rare disease that is of course genetic and his son, Harry Osborn (played wonderfully by Dane DeHaan) and of course since their fathers worked together, they grew up together as children though once Peter’s parents were gone and he was left with his Aunt May (same smothering mom role for Sally Field) and Harry grew up rich and Peter poor..blah blah blah..we know that part of the story. What we do find out in Part 2, is how exactly Peter Parkers parents died, more about what his dad and Harry’s were up to, and how Norman Osborne was really just in it to find a cure for his disease. Harry finds this out, and wants Peter to persuade Spiderman to give him some of his blood which he thinks will cure him. Now all the while this is going on, Max Dillon (Jaime Foxx) gets into an ‘accident’ at the Oscorp facility and becomes ‘Electo’ – possibly one of the worst villians ever to grace a screen. I’m talking just plain bad. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my villians as in order to be a good villian you need to also have a redeeming quality that makes the audience want to like you just a little bit…yeah..Jamie Foxx, not one of my fav actors to begin with, brings absolutely none of this to the screen or this role. Electo though seems to be much more powerful than Spiderman and this of course brings helpful scientist-girlfriend Gwen to try and help him though in almost a stupid way as you just know things aren’t going to work out well here..and of course they don’t.

But back at Oscorp, things are firing up as the board of directors thinks Harry is to young, self-centered etc..to be running such a large, Fortune 100 billion corporation and they have him removed, which sends him into a tailspin but of course as now he is anti-Spiderman as he won’t give him his blood to help cure him, even though he doesn’t know it’s his old childhood friend Peter Parker, he is soon to find out as he finds a secret video and area within Oscorp, finds out what happened to Max Dillon/Electo, how & where they are holding him and goes to enlist Electo in his now mad pursuit of Spiderman to get the blood transfusion. To make a long story short here, and yes, it’s a long story, they don’t succeed, but Harry does end up injecting himself with what he believes is the cure and then BAMMO..he is now Harry Osborn aka The Green Goblin..so just as Spidey is done dealing with Electo and thinks things are snug in a rug..there comes Green Goblin to ruin all that..

Lastly, to sum it up, Electo doesn’t succeed.. Harry/Green Goblin ends up back in the mental institution with a plan to still come after Spiderman, who after something big has happened (as always, no spoilers from me), doesn’t really want to be Spiderman anymore, but Harry is plotting to help prisoners escape and back in the picture comes Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) and of course Spiderman makes a stunning return to save the day. The End.. or is it as they’ve clearly set up the next one and I can’t wait to see Dane DeHaan back as more of the Green Goblin..a very entertaining villian and one I liked a lot.

All in all the movie is long..this review is way long for me..so you know the movie really is too..I don’t usually like to have, let alone read reviews this long..ha! So..with that..

Grade: C

REVIEW OF “DOM HEMINGWAY” – aka Jude Law like I’ve never seen him before!!

Image This isn’t a great movie..heck, it might not even be a good movie..I would list it as an ‘ok’ movie as it has 101 different plot holes, but it’s definitely enjoyable enough to sit through and most definitely a good performance driven movie by Jude Law (Dom Hemingway) & Richard Grant as his side-kick (Dickie Black). I mean in a way, poor Jude, as his receding hairline has long been happening, but it’s REALLY receded here and in real life. And no lie, it fits this role perfectly. That, and he’s beefed up considerably from the skinny, scrawny Jude Law of years past and it suits him. He’s darkly funny here as an expert safe-cracker just getting out of prison after a 12yr stint where he served time for getting caught safe-cracking and wants his due ‘back pay’ plus a ‘present’ from Mr. Fontaine (the ever so always wonderful Demian Bichir – whom I love) who he could have snitched on and is now the big-time main man of operations. After a 3 night debauchery weekend of cocaine, booze & women, Dom & Dickie are on there way to France for just this reason. ¬†It’s a beautiful Villa in France and what entails during this visit, where Dom actually does get everything he asks for and more…is well..a bit entertaining as the chemistry between the characters of Dom/Dickie/Mr. Fontaine is dark comedy at a good pace. ¬†It’s a bit RocknRolla – though nowhere near as good of a movie.. What happens after the Villa incidents is next..and the plot gets very meh at this point..mind you, again there have been plot holes galore already, yet you sorta just ignored them due to the fun performances. ¬†But this 3rd act is the family one..you know how he left his wife & child behind because he was a criminal and now wants them back as his wife passed on and his daughter blames him for not making a deal, serving less jail time, being there for her etc etc.. There are still some shades of the fun, dark comedy-humour here and there, but by now it’s lost a lot of it’s pace. ¬†One big scene happens in this part with Dom trying to regain his career as a safe-cracker and being put through a test by Lester (Jumayan Hunter) that is quite fun to watch. ¬†Besides all this, I can truly say the swagger of Jude Law’s performance carries this movie and when they advertised it as “Jude Law as you’ve never seen him before” they were quite right.. All the changes physically and just the performance period – are so unlike everything he’s ever done and I applaud him for it. Grade: Jude Law’s performance – B+ ¬† the movie itself: C- #peggyatthemovies

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only lovers

I really must say I walked out of this movie thinking 2 thoughts…1st was ..’WTF!!!’ 2nd was… ¬†‘Holy Shite that was long, somewhat dreary and why did everyone speak in a monotone’.. Oh ..and that I was hungry because it had been a long day and I went straight there and yeah..the length of it.

Let me start off with what I liked..


OK.. kidding.. there were a few things I liked… I loved the dilapidated house setting in Detroit that Adam (Tom Hiddleston) lived in and the total and complete 70’s vibe it gave as even when he was ‘Skyping’ with Eve (Tilda Swinton)…yep you got it..’Adam’ & ‘Eve’ are the two lead Vampires and yes they are married (I see you all *eyerolling*) ..back to the Skyping, she did it by phone, he had all these weird connector thingys as it seems since he’s been around for forever and a day, he knows how to make mountains out of molehills apparently..and got her on an old 70’s TV screen. ¬†When they shot in Tangiers..you got the vibe there though there is absolutely no scenic photography here at all..you still got it. ¬†Anton Yelchin (Ian) was fun and played the role of sorta the ‘dealer of ‘Antiquities’ for Adam. And I like Tom Hiddleston period..except one little thing.. he really just needs to eat a cheeseburger..or maybe 5..as he is rack thin especially for a man.

So what I got from this movie was a somewhat different take on the story of Vampires portrayed as people who have been living way to long and exist in our present society today ¬†They name drop their ‘friends’ who they have known throughout the centuries as if it was a Paris Hilton twitter account & try to make it funny, but it doesn’t come off that way..at all. not even a little..slight ha! maybe and that’s all the audience at the screening I was at on Tuesday evening could muster. They don’t kill people to drink blood but buy it from sources like Dr. Watson, yes again, I know the name thing,..(Jeffrey Wright) which to me was very ‘Twilight-ish’ and some of it this movie, like why they had to wear gIoves I just didn’t plain get. Basically, Adam, who was a rock-star in probably the 70’s era and who’s music was leaked to the world maybe by accident, didn’t want to be famous so he’s since become a depressed, reclusive vampire who only allows Ian to visit him and bring him what he needs. ¬†Eve, his wife, though they don’t live together, comes to him in Detroit from Tangiers when she realizes he might ‘try it’ again..yep..suicidal vampire that he is.

As they progress they are in for a surprise visit from Eve’s sister, Ava (Mia Wasikowska) who last time she popped up in their lives some 80+ years ago, she apparently caused more than one disaster, which of course, true to form, she does again, though I can’t say what as it would be a huge spoiler and we all know how they suck!! Anyway, they then pop back to Tangiers..mind you they can only take night flights, and it seems their main vampire man and blood source¬†there, Marlowe (John Hurt) who may or may not actually be Shakespeare, is dying.. I thought vampires lived forever no??

I know Jim Jarmusch does ‘creative’ movies and have seen my fair share of them, but this was just a bit on the bizarre side for me and not sure how some are saying so ‘artistic’ as well, no..for me it really wasn’t, I know people will freak over this, but I’ve never been the biggest Tilda Swinton fan, but this is definitely her type of movie. What I didn’t get is some small things like why does every character have to have big teased up hair?? It’s not set in the 80’s.. why is Adam some mechanical genius but yet we never really know why or why he doesn’t use technology yet all the other characters do…I guess that’s the ‘quirky, creative’ parts of it I just didn’t get. And I know some people have said it’s funny.. no..it’s really not.. Again, a little ha! here & there..I guess what confused me the most was what is this movie exactly supposed to be..and with that…

Grade C-  (barely)


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So yeah my movie streak of 4 good movies in a row has officially ended.. Yes, I knew it would happen sooner or later..but this one hurt! If you thought this movie was going to be bad..well times that by like 10.. ha! ¬†It’s just plain bad..and cheesy..super cheesy.. the plot is EXACTLY what you think it’s going to be but yet in real life there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that a wife would become best friends with her husband’s mistresses..and plot silly revenge that lasted 30 min. too long!!!

Cameron Diaz plays ‘Carly Mistress #1’ and really needs to step it up some on her movie choices and between this and ‘The Counselor’ from earlier this year, make for a long 12mos of epic disasters. ¬†Leslie Mann plays ‘Kate King’ the wife who is cheated on and yes, when doesn’t she play this type of character, I mean where is the range. Kate Upton ‘Amber/Mistress #2) not an actress, clearly. Nicki Minaj, ‘Lydia’ ¬†in that ‘i’m trying to be the funny supporting actress’ role..ZZZZzzzzzzz ¬†

The only somewhat redeeming quality of this whole movie is eye candy for the girls. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from ‘Game of Thrones’ fame (yes, I love watching him on that show and love the show.period) does a fair job at playing the cheating husband, ‘Mark’, but yeah..this isn’t #GOT and you know it immediately.. Taylor Kinney, is a complete and total dreamy drink of water, ‘Phil’ is ‘Kate’s brother’ whom..you guessed it, falls in love with ‘Carly’ and live happily ever after..ZZZZzzzzzz ¬†Lastly, there is Don Johnson as ‘Frank’ and yeah..he still looks great..he really does. ¬†Without this and the 1 or 2 funny actual funny lines in the movie is what made it barely watchable..though the person next to me did leave about 1/2 way through, when it’s a free screening, I try and stick it out. And trust me it was hard!!!¬†

Grade: D




What a fun fun movie this was!! It really was…I mean fast-paced, energy galore, some new characters all added up to make this movie a great ride. ¬†Now if only they didn’t cast Scarlett Johansson in it. :O ¬†She is seriously one of the most boring actresses out there..and no different in this movie..SHOW SOME EXPRESSION SCARJO! (she says she hates being called that soooo). ¬†I mean it’s the same acting job in this as ‘Lost in Translation’ (which I actually liked) and every other movie inbetween.

But to the movie, Chris Evans (Capt.America/Steve Rogers) really goes after it this time around. It’s a solid superhero performance that to be honest, I wasn’t expecting and enjoyed it immensely along with a new side-kick ‘Falcon/Sam Wilson’ *Anthony Mackie) whom I also really liked. ¬†They created Falcon/Sam’s backstory quickly enough to let you know where he was from and where he was going, to make him completely like-able and believable. ¬†And yes, Emily Van Camp has a small, albiet decent role here also, and no one in this movie is going to win an Oscar here or Best Picture etc.. it’s just fun and entertaining, again, what more can you ask for!

And not sure about you all, but for me, the bad guys are always some of my favourite characters if done well and they were here. ¬†I mean Robert Redford as your main bad guy!! How can you NOT love that??!!! I mean come on now!! ūüôā ¬†Frank Grillo aka ‘Brock’ is always a good character bad guy, but my 2 favs were by far Georges St.-Pierre (Georges) and hands down Sebastian Stan (Bucky!!!!/Winter Soldier). ¬†They both had Capt. America rockin’ & reelin’ and when you found out who Winter Soldier really was, well it really was emotional for all. ¬†I thought the ending was well thought out and made it so yes, we do know that another Capt. America movie will be coming to theatres in oh..say 2015 sometime…And I only hope it’s as likeable as this one was.. if only we could minus out Scarlett Johansson. *sigh*

Grade: B-


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“Cha..cha..cha.. Cha..cha..cha”… Yep.. that’s what you will want to do after you see this fun little romp called “Cuban Fury.” and I¬†enjoyed every minute of this lovely little screening I was able to attend on Wednesday..and as an added bonus I might add..the “Mad Men’ premiere just happened to be going on at the same time so I was able to catch some of my favs from that show on the Red Carpet. ¬†But, back to the movie, ¬†Let me just emphasize this movie is not what you think it probably is. ¬†It’s a lovely little British comedy starring Rashida Jones (Julia), as the American boss, Nick Frost (Bruce), as the Salsa dancer, Chris O’Dowd (Drew), as his ‘friend’ or foe as you will see, and Olivia Coleman(Sam), has a great supporting as Bruce’s salsa partner/sister. Ian McShane (Ron) & Rory Kinnear (Gary) also have great supporting roles that will make you laugh..Best supporting character is by far is Kayvan Novak (Bejan) who has some of the funniest delivery of lines I’ve seen in awhile..You might not recognize all their names, but you will recognize all of them from the ton’s of movies/shows they’ve all been in combined.

Basically, Bruce and his sister were Salsa dancers as kids and won every contest far & wide, except for one.. And then Bruce quit because of what happened before that last contest, which of course involves bullies.. ¬†years later as he’s just living an ordinary life, Julia comes in as the new boss at his company and she’s lovely..But she seems interested in Drew rather than Bruce because he’s now overweight and a bit schlumpy. But he finds out her one thing she loves is Salsa.. And there you go.. won’t tell you the rest as yes, it’s as corny as end all..but somehow it works..It’s funny – in the British humour way..if you don’t like British humour..this might not be for you..it’s sweet, it’s got GREAT music in it and you can’t help but move in your seat to the rhythm of it all. ¬†It’s not the best movie, but it’s entertaining and fun..and that is all I really ask for in a movie nowadays. ¬†Grade: C+