“Best Man Holiday”

So tonight I thought I was going to see a rip-roaring, gut-busting comedy ‘Best Man Holiday’ – and while that might not have happened, something that I figured out about 30min into the movie as did my movie partner of the evening, the fantastic Miss Kimberly Eaton, we both really liked it. Now for me, there was to much on religion/god/him things..at odd points in it..but there were also a few funny moments that were timed well and help break up the harder parts. It’s well acted, but don’t let the trailer confuse you as it did me, it’s not a comedy..REPEAT..it is NOT a comedy and you will not leave laughing. maybe could be called a dramady..but definitely, and without giving any spoilers away, way more on the drama part and most should bring tissue when seeing it. Grade: wavering because of the decent acting from everyone..between a B- & C+ #peggyatthemovies

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