So I think I’ve made it clear how much I love this movie.. So it makes perfect sense that I would love the director also, which I do. 🙂  I loved last years ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ I loved ‘Three Kings’ so do I think he would be a great shot to win this award..yes I choice hands down.

ZZZZzzzzz was ‘Gravity’ for me.  I mean can we say green screen & CGI all the way…no, I can’t at least. Did I think it was made to be seen in 3D, yes ..yes I did because it made it better but do I think you should get a best director award for that. Answer = no.

While I thought this movie was sweet and cute..I don’t understand the director’s nod here when a movie like ‘the Bulter’ got overlooked for it. ah well.. que sera sera I do like some of his other work more and yeah.. it’s highly unlikely he will win. 

Well..since I think this movie is not so well done, choppy, and all over the place ~ and that is because of the direction – I’m not in this guys corner for the all.

Oh yes.. The short man came up with another goodie.. I mean what a career this man has had. His movies that I love, including this one, are almost to many to list. And while he finally got his Oscar and was overlooked more times than any great director should.. I’m not sure if he will take this..though it’s deservedly his as his movies is head & shoulders above Alfonso Cuaron, Steve McQueen and Alexander Payne in this category.. I definitely pick him as my runner up..


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