#peggyatthemovies review of “DIVERGENT”


So..I’m sitting here trying to decide if I really liked this movie or really dis-liked it.  Conclusion – I liked the fact that it’s a few steps above Twilight for sure and I think the premise of the story I liked best of all. The whole different factions and how to in the end you get to choose your own faction, whether it be good or bad for you, leaving your family etc.. speaks to me on how some people are pressured to do something they dis-like their whole lives against their wishes.. BUT..on the other hand, it has the sappy love story that evolves within moments and you can see coming a mile away along with the silly names they call themselves. I realize it’s Science Fiction and some of that has to be taken with a grain of salt, so i did.  

The whole parents thing..where they are secret badasses etc.. and the acting..yeah..Shailene Woodley can definitely take over the Kristen Stewart crown now.  The stone/wood face and delivery of lines, actions etc..Though she does an overall much better job than Stewart, she can inherit that crown.  And as much as Theo James is a tall, delicious drink of water, he fits right into the genre of teen-girl heartthrob that was apparent by 1/2 the audience who squeals when they kiss. He’s still quite new to acting and I’ve seen some of his British TV,  namely ‘Bedlam’ & his one episode ‘arc’ on ‘Downton Abbey’ but he was so memorable in even that one episode!! And ‘Bedlam’ might not have been the best show, but it was decent and he was decent in it. He even carried an U.S. TV show called ‘Golden Boy’ and for a relative unknown, that is a big deal.  The show wasn’t very good, but he was.  I hope he doesn’t go the way of the ‘Twilight’ stars and gets a good career really moving. He’s so easy on the eyes that he could really be put into just about anything.  Kate Winslett is good enough as the leader who wants to control all factions and get rid of the ‘Divergents’ aka Four & Tris, Ashley Judd – meh.. and they should have made Tony Goldwyn to be Theo James’ father..just my opinion. For me, one of the best performances and one that just captivates you is Jai Courtney as ‘Eric’  he’s so manipulative and crazy scary that you can’t help but want to see what comes next with his character.  

But back to the movie— It’s an entertaining watch to say the least.. a bit too long in the tooth maybe, as there are probably a good 20-30minutes that could have been cut, but all in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon.  

Grade: C+


4 thoughts on “#peggyatthemovies review of “DIVERGENT””

    1. Thanks Dan!! And yeah..again, better than Twilight which for some reason I tortured myself and read all 4 books though at times I would throw them down and just scream..NO NO NO NO NO!! it was so bad..I only made it through 2 of those movies.. Not sure why I did either..ha! This was decent enough and I will see the 2nd one..but the people who say it was an A+.. ZZZZZzzzzz hhahahhaha followed your blog too so look forward to reading your reviews! Cheers!

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