REVIEW: “EDDIE THE EAGLE” (2016) ~ Post Q & A: Taron Egerton & Dir: Dexter Fletcher

“Eddie the Eagle” is a story about an underdog in every sense of the word.
The story follows Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) from the time he’s a little kid with dreams of going to the Olympics, through his many assorted set-backs, and all the people around him who saw only failure in his future. It also shows the moments when he got helping hands when he most needed it. This movie is about his struggle and for all his sometimes annoying flaws, Eddie is a character that you just cannot dislike.

Edwards, while maybe a somewhat good downhill skier, narrowly missed the Great Britain team for that event for the 1984 Games. To improve his chances to qualify for Calgary in 1988, he moves to Lake Placid, NY to train and enter bigger races, but he quickly finds himself short on funds. To realize his Olympic dream, he decided to switch to ski jumping for reasons of cost and easier qualification as there were no other British ski jumpers with whom to compete for a place.
eddie the eagle 4
He was handicapped by his weight—at about 82 kg (181 lbs), more than 9 kg (20 lbs) heavier than the next heaviest competitor — and by his lack of financial support for training as he was totally self-funded. Another problem was that he was very longsighted, requiring him to wear thick eyeglasses at all times, which sometimes fogged to such an extent that he could not see. Maybe due to all this, Eddie seems a bit dim though his spirit of wanting to be in the Olympics never dies, even as his father tells him his only choice in life is to become a plasterer such as himself.
eddle the eagle 1
Taron Egerton does an excellent job here and really assumes the part of Eddie. Hugh Jackman as ex-downhill skier-turned-coach Bronson Peary puts in a good performance, and manages not to overpower Eddie’s character. Eddie’s parents are also well played, his mother Janette Edwards played by Jo Hartley, gives a particularly poignant portrayal of the never-ending support of a mother. Eddie’s father, played by Keith Allen, is a bit of a caricature, but well acted. Actually, a lot of the supporting cast of characters are caricatures, especially the other ski-jumpers/coaches and the British Olympians/Olympic Committee. But to an extent that serves to emphasize the struggle for Eddie. Also, for those intent on seeing this film for Christopher Walken as Warren Sharp, he has wonderful, albeit, very small role that has impact.

While the struggle of Eddie is emphasized throughout the film, there is also a good dose of comedy thrown into the mix as well. The tone is upbeat throughout, even when Eddie has setbacks. While some of the failures are played for laughs, it’s mostly Eddie’s perseverance that makes this film endearing. It also feels like we’re laughing with Eddie rather than at him, since it seems Eddie’s in on the joke.
eddie the eagle 2
There’s not much to dislike about the film. I absolutely loved the music choices including the score and some timely 80’s song choices. Sure, I think the stakes could have been raised a bit here or there to give an even bigger emotional moment, but I can’t say the film didn’t already bring me to teary eyes at some points. And that to me, is an experience at the movies.

Random tidbit that Taron told us all: Stay tuned for the song at the end credits as the overlying song playing is actually Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman singing read that right.. Taron & Hugh are singing the closing credits song. I wouldn’t have known it had he not said so.

Grade: B


taron egerton
Hugh Jackman was also supposed to be in attendance, but didn’t make it. Taron more than made up for it as he was nice, fun & entertaining as was Dexter Fletcher. This guy..being my breakout star of 2015.. is just as personable as I thought he would be when I first saw him in the fantastic “Kingsman:The Secret Service”.

Started off with the basics noting that since the project was greenlit till it’s release, it’s been a short 18mos. All a very fast shoot of 8 weeks in Germany at Garmisch-Partenkirchen – the same place where the real Eddie Edwards trained – also with some being done at Pinewood Studios.
taron & dexter
Taron had a chance to meet with the real Eddie before & during filming and when he went to the very first screening of the finished film, he sat next to Eddie, which made him very nervous as it’s harder to portray someone who is still alive. At the end of the screening, Eddie was so moved by Taron’s performance and the film, he was actually crying. Taron noted what a fantastic feeling that was.

Dexter Fletcher is quite the character and entertained us thoroughly before & after the film with his banter with Taron. Both noting, as I did, that Hugh Jackman is really good in this role and a very big man! ha! Also, one-week into production they were told no actors could ski at all ~ so they got a bunch of crazy stunt guys – noting that downhill skiers really have to be a bit crazy to do this sport – who more than willing to do it. Except for Hugh, where at the end of his run, he is actually skiing. As Taron puts it “It’s sickening how good Hugh is at EVERYTHING!”

Fun note from Dexter – in real life, the Finnish skier, Matti Nykänen, actually became a male stripper, then a singer and sadly, turned to alcohol and is now known for some, shall we say, ‘colourful antics’.

Christopher Walken was cast because they had to get someone who coud make Hugh Jackman weak in the knees.. and clearly they did.

One theme that is repeated throughout the movie, is the quote from Pierre de Coubertin (father of the modern Olympics), “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in Life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” It’s just a little something we all could use as a reminder at times and maybe apply to our own everyday lives.

Review Screening: Thursday, January 28, 2016 ~ Courtesy of 20th Century Fox                                       Nationwide release: Friday, February 26, 2016                 

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: “EDDIE THE EAGLE” (2016) ~ Post Q & A: Taron Egerton & Dir: Dexter Fletcher”

  1. I saw Deadpool last week and you will be happy to know that I thought it was very good 🙂 I love the Q&A you did for this film entitled “Eddie The Eagle” 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    1. YAY!!! John.. love that you saw it!! and of course liked it.. Just flipped over to your page..but didn’t see a review.. that’s okay..I get it..I don’t review everything either especially when there are soooo many people already done so. Thank you as always for the nice comments too..I adore Taron and he was just as wonderful & nice of a person as I knew he would be! 😀

  2. Hmm, I was kind of intrigued with the trailer, so it is good to hear that this is generally good and uplifting. Jackman is dependable, and Edgerton just looks like a star.

    Likely to watch this…but after the anticipated Triple 9!

    1. I agree.. Triple 9 is a must want to see..I got no screeners for it tho..which always irks me!! hahahaha this was just a feel-good, nice all around film.. that’s it really.. 😀 you can’t hate it ..period! 😀 and Taron..such a doll!!

  3. Gotta watch this when I can! Thanks for the review 😃. And I love the Q&A bits, so cool!! Do they have Q&A’s mainly on premiere night?

    1. I rarely get to go to premieres & I don’t think they would have the time to do them afterwards as there is always the schmooze party to do! hahahaha But the ones I go to, like this one for instance, was set up by the studio – somestimes it’s PR agencies that do it – or I have a friend who is a PGA member & they do it a lot during Oscar season. I am also a Film Independent member/voter & they do some..:)

      1. Aw lucky! And so cool, what an honour it must be to be a film independent voter. Hey sign me up to haha. Haha but seriously, I reckon it must be awesome being part of these film groups. Hahaha schmooze party !!

  4. Hello Peggy! This is awesome, thanks for the review and recap. I missed the press screening of Eddie the Eagle so it’ll be a rental for me. I like Taron in Kingsman so I have no doubt he’s good here, nice to hear he’s cool in person too.

    1. Oh you should go see it at the comes out on Friday.. why wait??!! show some box office support!! 😀 I do so adore Taron..again, my breakout star of last year..

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