Reviews at – temporarily while computer being fixed!!! please check them out!!

Hey all –

Just a quick update – I’ve had major computer issues – as in my computer has gone to it’s final resting point. I tried to save it, but alas, it just couldn’t happen. The hard drive took a nose-dive. :/ So my full length reviews just haven’t been able to be done.. but please.. check out my Instagram: in the meantime because I am posting up some shorter, quick reviews of movies that’s I’ve gone to screenings of like #LeanOnPete, #TombRaider and #PacificRimUprising with upcoming screenings next week of #ReadyPlayerOne and #TheLastMovieStar.

As soon as I can either, get a new hard drive installed and hope it works, or get a new computer – I will be reviewing at my instagram!! So please, give a follow and a look-see over there. Much Appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Reviews at – temporarily while computer being fixed!!! please check them out!!”

    1. Still am!! :/ But good news is that at least I’ve ordered one – granted it won’t be here till middle of April and i will be eating Top Ramen & salad for the next month..but hey… who needs anything else.. I learned in college how to make ‘gourmet meals’ with Top Ramen..hahahahaha

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