Yes.Yes.. Yes.. I am still without a computer – so quickly while I have access to one – thought I’d post up my short Instagram reviews here of the two films I saw last week.

I was truly surprised to find myself and the screening audience liking #Blockers . You never know what your going to get with a comedy – especially when #SethRogan has a hand in it. It can go horribly frat-boy not funny, or you can actually have some good laughs with only a few of pre-requisite frat-boy thrown in.
The plot is surprisingly simple. Julie #KathrynNewton Kayla #GeraldineViswanathan and Sam #GideonAdlon – three high schools best friends, make the dreaded-by-all-parents, sex pact to lose their virginity on prom night.
But of course, not if their parent’s can stop it. #JohnCena does a fun turn here as Mitchell, along with #LeslieMann as Lisa, rounding up with our third parent #IkeBarinholtz as Hunter. Mann, whom I swear plays the same role with what I’m thinking is the same wardrobe, in all of her films, is always fun so hey..why fix it when it’s not broken..right!
The standouts for me though are Barinholtz and his daughter Kayla (Viswanathan) and her prom date ‘The Chef’ played #MilesRobbins have some of best scenes of the movie and best storyline for me.
Yes, they the film has the requisite ‘drama’ moment, but it too, is well done and plays good into the storyline.
All in all its good time with an appropriate run time for what it does.
Grade: B

Media review screening – courtesy of #UniversalStudios

#AQuietPlace is a slow burn of a suspense thriller. Partially written, directed and also one of the producers is #JohnKrasinski – starring alongside wife #EmilyBlunt – the film starts you off at an almost agonizingly slow pace, piece by piece, building you up to describe life in the oh-so-quiet-place.

The plot is very simply “written” using that term loosely if you want to use it at all since..let’s be real..not a lot of writing involved in this one. But what there is is actual acting as in order to convey what is going on here, it has to all be done with emotion and sign language. #MillicentSimmonds is excellent here as the oldest daughter, along with #NoahJupe, they carry a huge bulk of this film and really do justice to their performances.
We never do find out how, why, or what happened to make ‘A Quiet Place’ so quiet, as the trailer actually seems to give more pretense into this than the film – but it is truly a chilling good suspenseful thriller with a final scene that will knock your socks off.
I recommend it to anyone looking for a chilling good time!
Grade: B-

Review screening – courtesy of LAFTV meetup

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