INSTA-REVIEW: “US” (2019) Universal

Sadly, this most over-hyped movie of 2019 so far, is also going down as the most underwhelming of 2019 so far.US” and JordanPeele were clearly trying way to hard on this one and it’s not even close to repeating “GetOut” in comedy, drama or horror.

Graphic violence isn’t scary in the slightest. Forced comedy isn’t funny. And basic acting is not a performance. Being disappointed in this film doesn’t quite sum up how I felt. And while you get what is trying to be said, there are also things that I just don’t think can be explained. I mean rabbits anyone??? Anyone got that part figured out yet?! To say the metaphors were all to blatant or that it’s just to heavy-handed is an understatement. You spend the whole film trying to unpack and decipher the story so much, that it sucks any enjoyment you might have found right out.

None of the acting by Lupita Nyong’o Elisabeth Moss Winston Duke  Tim Heidecker or anyone else in the film is noteworthy. I guess my disappointment is highlighted so much by the fact I wanted it to be so good. Again, high expectations and low delivery = unhappy movie watching .
Grade: D


Media Review Screening: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 ~ Courtesy of Universal


9 thoughts on “INSTA-REVIEW: “US” (2019) Universal”

  1. Interestingly, I enjoyed the film and yet I can appreciate everything you said. Agreed, it’s not as good as ‘Get Out’ and the allegorical “explosion” that occurs in the final act is kind of silly.

    I didn’t warm up to all of that. Based on the lack of consensus from all the articles I’ve read “explaining” it, I believe even Peele didn’t really have a singular point either. Just topics to discuss. ‘Us’ works best if you don’t try to pick it apart too much and just enjoy the cinematic craft (cinematography, music, etc) of it all.

    1. There was a point where I kept thinking “This film would be SO much more interesting if they added just a little from the ‘other’ movie that was all about Santa Cruz from the 80’s” hahahaha seriously.. it would have added some much needed life to it had they given me some Lost Boys fun. 🙂

    1. I get that.. I’ve reflected and I don’t feel any different. I do understand how and possibly even why some just love it as we do all have our varying tastes in films and that’s to be read & respected also!! 🙂

  2. We disagree yet again hehe no suprise. But yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. I personally thought it was pretty layered and complex. Thought Lupita Nyongo’o killed it too in her role.

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