INSTA-REVIEW: “TOY STORY 4” (2019) Disney

Over the weekend I got to see this fourth incarnation in the Toy Story series. While a fun little jaunt for all our memories..again, I had trouble remembering where the last one left off and this one picks up..oh wait..that’s because the last one ended..with an ending that seemed so final. Ahh well..seems its wasn’t and the gang is all back with a few new friends on a search to get back ‘Forky’ who has been lost by Woody.

Along the way he meets back up with Bo Peep & these crazy scary ventriloquist dummies that honestly got to me..I thought for a moment we had switched to the ‘IT’ movie!! But alas, as with all kids movies there is a message.. that we all grow up and move on and so do our toys.
This movie is perfect for both kids and adults alike as all will find enjoyment in it and no little innuendos that fly over kids heads.

As for favourite characters..Woody is always a safe bet. Buzz didnt have as much to do this time around and our new favourite, Duke Caboom gives for a few good laughs.

Grade: B

3 thoughts on “INSTA-REVIEW: “TOY STORY 4” (2019) Disney”

  1. It’s rare for a movie series to maintain such a high standard and I can’t wait to see part 4. Unfortunately I have to wait until late August *sigh*.

    1. Totally agree Chris..and it’s like you don’t even have needed to see the other ones to see this one. And sorry you have to wait so ALWAYS frustrates me that they don’t just release all the movies at the same time.. like it’s a day & age where some places getting films months before others is annoying now. I do say, when you get it, I hope you enjoy it and I get to read what you think.. 🙂

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