REVIEW: “I’M YOUR MAN” (2021) Bleeker Street

Not knowing much going into this film, little did I know what a lovely surprise I would be in for in director Maria Schrader’s quirky fun rom-com “I’M YOUR MAN”. Not usually being someone who is fond of the A.I. genre of films and having once been known to say “If I ever find that an A.I. is my my relationship – please slap me”, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this one even though I wasn’t ready for it to be almost entirely in German as well.

Thankfully though – this isn’t my story though as this one is not only better but it centers on esteemed archaeologist/researcher Alma (Maren Eggert), who accepts an offer to participate in an usual experiment in exchange for research funds. She agrees to “beta test’ on a three-week trial run, living with a humanoid named Tom (Dan Stevens), who has been programmed to be her exact ideal life partner. From there, she has to evaluate on the successes and/or failures of the AI prototype to help decide whether they should be introduced into society as potential life partners for well, everyone. During this three week time period, we find ourselves watching things that are essentially very human. Alma is anti-relationship as the film starts to reveal more about her we find she grieves over a miscarriage she suffered during a past relationship and her former partner Julian (Hans Low) is very much around. While Alma is single, she’s not alone – she has a younger sister, Cora (Annika Meier) and an elderly, deteriorating father (Wolfgang Hübsch), who require a lot of her attention in life as well.

Not to be overlooked is the fun CGI of a bar scene of playing itself well on the ‘who is/who isn’t’ a AI or hologram and of course the acting. Eggert is wonderful at playing off the strong, defensive woman she is supposed to be and slowly letting her wall down to open up to the idea of this AI actually being ‘the one’. While Stevens is quite good here as he absolutely crushes it by speaking surprisingly fluent German, that is when he’s not speaking Spanish, French, or Korean and most notably, not a single word of English. He also manages to somehow be a robot, yet convey small emotions such as being flirty, funny, sad and dare I say it – humanistic.

With some funny, snappy, smart dialogue and a well structured storyline “I’m Your Man” moves it all along in a realistic looking manner, while being hugely entertaining as well. There can be huge risk involved with films that tackle themes such as this one, and then be successful at it to boot, but this one was all handled so well and came across as down to earth while also making itself fun and thought-provoking.  

Grade: B+

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“I’M YOUR MAN” from Bleeker Street Films – is in limited theaters on Friday, September 24, 2021

Review Screening ~ Courtesy of Ginsberg/Libby PR

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: “I’M YOUR MAN” (2021) Bleeker Street”

  1. Good to Stevens in something surprising. I last saw and liked him in the Eurovision movie. I’m now definitely more likely to watch this since you say it’s ‘hugely entertaining’. I wonder if by the end I’ll want my own A.I. man. 🤓

  2. You’re SO lucky to have seen this! I kept checking Fandango and local theater websites for this last weekend and it’s still not showing in MN. Hope I can see this soon as I absolutely love the premise… and Dan Stevens as a robot!

    1. Thankfully I read nothing about it beforehand as I might have not watched it based on the premise. This is why I’m glad I sometimes leave myself in the dark on knowing what a film will be about as this was a wonderful surprise!

      1. I’m so bummed I still can’t see this movie, I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of living in MN, some indie studios think people outside of LA and NY cannot appreciate good films :\

        Why wouldn’t you watch it based on the premise? I thought the premise is VERY intriguing.

      2. That’s sucks hon. I’m so sorry that it’s happening to you – I would think being that it IS an Indie..more word of mouth from everywhere would be a good thing. I know you’ll be able to see it somehow i.e., VOD or a streaming channel, sooner rather than later.

      3. Hey Peggy, thanks for letting me know about the VOD release for this, can’t wait to watch it this weekend. I’ll check out your review shortly too!

  3. I enjoyed this one as well, Peggy, though it’s been sufficiently long ago that I don’t remember which festival I must have screened it at.

  4. Heard good things about this one when it played TIFF a few weeks back. I wasn’t able to fit it into my schedule, but looking forward to catching up with it.

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