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+++ READ #peggyatthemovies REVIEW OF “SEX TAPE”+++

sex tape

It’s been a week since I saw this movie and I don’t feel bad about not getting this review out sooner. Why? Two words.. WORLD CUP!! ha! I know it doesn’t belong in a movie review, but it’s really captured all my free time to write as it’s been enthralling.. more enthralling than this movie for sure!!

Sad thing is, they could have done so much with this movie and really made about 1001 different puns off of it and made it truly funny with all actual sex tapes of celebs that have ‘leaked’ over the years it’s a pun-lovers dream come true! . The fact that they turned it into a ‘soccer mom’ version (see there is soccer again ha!) stole the fun out of it. It starts off with “Annie”(Cameron Diaz) and “Jay”(a newly svelte Jason Segel) meet in college..yes, Cameron Diaz is trying to pull off playing college age here at first..it’s the usual story~line ~ they have great sex constantly and everywhere, fall in love, get married, have kids, sex life goes down the toilet, just they were told would happen. ZZZzzzzzz

What a surprise then (it’s not..truly not..)  that they decide to get drunk when the kids are at ‘grandmas’ and make a sex tape which then oh so conveniently goes viral. I will admit that it finally got some funny moments at this point as they are trying to retrieve the ipads they have given as gifts to everyone from the mailman to their best friends, “Robby”(Rob Corddry) & “Tess”(Ellie Kemper) with an icloud similar app on it that has shared it with all of them, all the while receiving provocative texts from an unknown person who has viewed the tape that most will find at least a bit funny

rob low sex tape

And in a side-splitting scene with “Hank Piper”(Rob Lowe) who is actually the ‘conservative’ owner of “Piper Bros” the company who might actually be buying Annie’s blog because yes, she has one of those mommy/wife blogs, but Lowe is DEFINITELY the scene stealer here as these are the types of puns this movie should be FULL of..because it’s fantasticaly hysterical. Sadly, it’s also one of the only few high points of the movie.. After a somewhat funny escapade with their neighbors in the car, they decide to break into “youporn” the site that is now ‘hosting’ their video..and in a not-really-so-funny scenes they bring their kids with them as it’s the middle of the night and while there is another scene stealer here in Jack Black as the owner of the site.. it’s also very predictable.

sex tape 1

Like I said, this movie has some funny moments..and most every guy will be all into seeing Cameron Diaz naked, much more so than girls will be at seeing Jason Segel naked I’m guessing. So that will be a draw and it will do well opening weekend. But except for a few scene-stealing moments, most notably by Rob Lowe, you got yourself a very average, so-so funny comedy here.

Grade: C-



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So yeah my movie streak of 4 good movies in a row has officially ended.. Yes, I knew it would happen sooner or later..but this one hurt! If you thought this movie was going to be bad..well times that by like 10.. ha!  It’s just plain bad..and cheesy..super cheesy.. the plot is EXACTLY what you think it’s going to be but yet in real life there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that a wife would become best friends with her husband’s mistresses..and plot silly revenge that lasted 30 min. too long!!!

Cameron Diaz plays ‘Carly Mistress #1’ and really needs to step it up some on her movie choices and between this and ‘The Counselor’ from earlier this year, make for a long 12mos of epic disasters.  Leslie Mann plays ‘Kate King’ the wife who is cheated on and yes, when doesn’t she play this type of character, I mean where is the range. Kate Upton ‘Amber/Mistress #2) not an actress, clearly. Nicki Minaj, ‘Lydia’  in that ‘i’m trying to be the funny supporting actress’ role..ZZZZzzzzzzz  

The only somewhat redeeming quality of this whole movie is eye candy for the girls. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from ‘Game of Thrones’ fame (yes, I love watching him on that show and love the show.period) does a fair job at playing the cheating husband, ‘Mark’, but yeah..this isn’t #GOT and you know it immediately.. Taylor Kinney, is a complete and total dreamy drink of water, ‘Phil’ is ‘Kate’s brother’ whom..you guessed it, falls in love with ‘Carly’ and live happily ever after..ZZZZzzzzzz  Lastly, there is Don Johnson as ‘Frank’ and yeah..he still looks great..he really does.  Without this and the 1 or 2 funny actual funny lines in the movie is what made it barely watchable..though the person next to me did leave about 1/2 way through, when it’s a free screening, I try and stick it out. And trust me it was hard!!! 

Grade: D