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REVIEW: “IN THE HEART OF THE SEA” (2015) Warner Bros.

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“In the Heart of the Sea” is an Action/Adventure/Biopic based on the real disaster that inspired Herman Melville’s ‘Moby-Dick’. The film follows the voyage of the ‘Essex’, a whaling ship that was bought down in 1820 by a Sperm Whale in the South Pacific, and is a true tale of adventure, drama, and survival.

Obviously the main reason to go and see this movie was to see this massive whale go toe to toe with the ‘Essex’ and its crew although actual confrontations with the whale in this film were few and far between, but when they happen, do they make an impact. This whale is inexplicably huge, and yes, he was grand as the story tells. in the heart 2It truly was such a spectacle seeing this huge beautiful whale on screen. The way they emphasize his size through setting him side by side with the boats gives his presence much more weight. Confrontations with the whale were intense and pretty good edge-of-seat stuff. Yes it’s CGI effects, but the whale was done beautifully and it’s incredibly detailed, making this whale look quite realistic and believable.
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The film’s biggest problem was the pacing. Throughout the film there are quite a few uninteresting moments that fail to hold your interest. There are some especially slow moments at the beginning where they are introducing some of the main characters to us including our lead, Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) & his wife Peggy Chase (Charlotte Riley). As the introductions continue, we meet Mrs. Nickerson (Michelle Fairley) wife to Tom Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson), who will be the one recounting the events of the film to Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) as he lived through and endured them as his younger self played very well by Tom Holland. Scenes like this are nothing new and have been done in countless films before this, but here they are a big part of the actual story of the film.
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Acting wise, the film was pretty good. I had heard some possible Oscar buzz about Hemsworth as he was the obvious standout, and he was able to show off a different side of his acting talents here, but still even with his dramatic transformation, it isn’t going to garner any type of Best Actor nom. The supporting cast was mostly pretty strong, Benjamin Walker as George Pollard and Cillian Murphy as Matthew Joy really stand out, again with Tom Holland as the Younger Thomas Nickerson. The crew of the Essex made up of Henry Coffin (Frank Dillane), Caleb Chappel (Paul Anderson), Benjamin Lawrence (Joseph Mawle), William Bond (Gary Beadle), Ramsdell (Sam Keeley) to name a few, were all good strong performances.
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Ron Howard does a pretty good job directing the film and most of the time he nails the tone of the film. The dramatic action scenes were filmed and directed in a very frantic and chaotic manner that upped the stakes during those intense moments. Especially in the latter portions of the film he does represent the sad tones and emotion pretty well and handles some very confronting scenes in a way that isn’t too disturbing but also isn’t sugar-coated.

The latter half of the film, although not free of some slower moments, does pick up significantly from the first half when it introduces some survival elements. As the film doesn’t end on a high note as it could have been a short and sweet ending but it is dragged out a little longer but with that, it makes a strong point.

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In the end, this is an action/adventure that has its intense, dramatic moments, but is not without some slower moments that if excluded could have kept the film to a shorter run time and maybe would have made it more impactful. If you are fascinated of the story of Moby-Dick as I was as a child, then you will definitely get more enjoyment out of the film.

Grade: C

Review Screening: Monday, December 7, 2015 ~ Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Nationwide release: Friday, December 11, 2015



Like most people who saw this trailer I did an *eyeroll* and thought, “Oh looky ~ a Sci-Fi ‘Groundhog Day” but as I started reading some reviews that made it sound not half-bad, I decided to go see it for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised.  “Edge of Tomorrow” is quite a fast-paced, engaging Sci-Fi movie.which I always like, as if they would have slowed the pace any, it definitely wouldn’t work. A few times it actually kept me on the ‘Edge of’ my seat. 😀   

Premise of this movie being that “Major William Cage” (Tom Cruise) is an Army PR man who is sent out to essentially make war look good and has not one iota of actual combat experience. “Cage” is ‘drafted’ into combat in a rather humourous way showing up some of his supporting cast in “Master Sargent Farrell” (Bill Paxton), “Skinner” (Jonas Armstrong”, “Nance” (Charlotte Riley), to name but just some of this platoon of mis-fits.  In this war, Earth is being quickly taken over by “Mimics”, which are odd, very crafty & quick metallic-like creatures who are amazingly quick and seem to know what we are doing before we do it, attack & battle wise.  And that’s because they do. Which is the story behind the story here.  As “Cage” begins to realize that every time he is killed he wakes up and starts the day over again..and again..and again, at the same spot in time, he slowly begins to realize what is happening to him as does “Rita Vrataski” (Emily Blunt), a veteran Special Forces fighter, who ends up training “Cage”. This whole ‘time warp’ deal is something she knows well because she too, has dealt with it being that it has previously happened to her. Every time they get into a spot of trouble, she knows she is just able to kill him and start all over again from step one and change the scenario to make the outcome work. Sometimes this can be funny, and others not so much, but done in a serious tone that doesn’t overtake the whole show and stop it from moving forward..

“Edge of Tomorrow” totally ‘borrows’ from such movies as “Groundhog Day”, “Independence Day” and even “Starship Troopers”, all the while keeping itself completely entertaining all on it’s own.  Yeah. Tom Cruise loves to play the hero..and the action star..we all know this..and at 50 years of age, he still pulls it off here with perfect charm. Emily Blunt, who for me has not always been a favourite of mine, really comes off here as a great strong, female character that I liked a lot. The action sequences are great, the visual effects even better, this movie completely succeeds at what I like to call ‘Peggy’s requirements for a good movie” and definitely again, the bang is worth your buck!!

Grade: B-


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