“INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS” – Better late than never!



So yes…I’m late on seeing this movie..blah blah blah.. there was just too many to see in such a short time there and I only have so much on the financial side that I can spend on it all!!! ..Moving on… I found this to be a refreshing, fun movie.. I don’t know much about all the beatnik/folk music era and while this was definitely not a history lesson, it gave a bit of insight to that and the struggle of all artists to find their niche and be successful and what they love to do. With some sadness, snarkyness, many many obstacles thrown in the way and outright laughter this movie succeeded in all of it.  I loved the performance of Oscar Issac and hope to see more of him in the future, the supporting cast was all pretty decent the only real possible standout being John Goodman.  And while this is a good Coen brothers movie, I understand why it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar and it’s not really of that caliber even though very entertaining.. And really..isn’t entertaining us all that we really need from a movie! 😀   Grade: B  #peggyatthemovies