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Wow..yep..WOW.. Are you wondering if I am referring to the movie or to Zac Efron’s super hottness…Well it could be both as WOW I am really bummed this movie wasn’t funnier and WOW, yes Zac Efron looks simply, absolutely WOW in this movie.  And Dave Franco is right behind him! ha! 

As for the movie, well I’m not gonna lie..I really thought it was going to be waaaaay more funny. I was hoping for it..really reaaaaallly wanting it to be laugh out loud, drop dead funny..and well..it’s not.  The mere fact they said ‘This generations ‘Animal House’ gave me hope. The premise is good, the trailer has you thinking it can be make you laugh..a lot, but sadly, it doesn’t.  Does it have some really funny moments..yeah it’s got a few, but about as many as a 1/2 hour sitcom. And that bummed me out.   

Seth Rogan (Mac Radner) and Rose Byrne (Kelly Radner) are decent enough as the couple with a baby who find out that a Frat House has moved next door.  They try to be that ‘cool’ couple who can still hang with the college crowd and in the beginning that gave it some good funny moments.  Zac Efron (Teddy Sanders) & Dave Franco (Pete) are the President and VP of the Frat House which is of course like every Frat House you’ve ever seen on TV or in the movies, one big huge party house.  The plot thickens (no, not really, it doesn’t, I’m just messing with you here cause you know exactly what’s going to happen next) and the neighbors began a pretty bad prank-fest on each other with some really tacky, unfunny gags including the usual butt gags etc.  A few are funny, but not uproariously so, which I was hoping for and to be honest, expecting.   There is one funny party scene where Mac & Kelly, along with their divorced couple friends, Ike Barinholtz (Jimmy) & Carlo Gallo (Paula) turn the tables on the Frat House and while it could be considered mediocre in a good comedy, it was the high point here. That and the ‘Robert De Niro’ scene are really the only high points of this whole comedic flop. :/ 

So all in all, I was hoping for something I really didn’t get..laughter.. ah well.. Zac Efron shirtless will just have to do for now. 

Grade: C-