Oscars – Best Supporting Actor 2012

Day 2 – Best Supporting Actor: This is a great category..sadly much better than the women’s side. I will preface this by saying I think John Goodman was ROBBED for not getting a nod for his role in ‘Flight’ – but moving on, Robert Di Niro, just fantastic..I mean he’s getting older..but damn he can still give it to a role. Tommy Lee Jones, good job, but I thought Lee Pace was a better supporting in Lincoln. Before I saw Django – from the trailer I thought..meh ..Christof Waltz did this role already in Basterds..I was wrong..he is so good in this fantastic movie!! Sadly, did not see Phillip Seymour Hoffmans perf. but I DID see Alan Arkins and this is my pick for BSA Oscar!!

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