Oscars – Best Director 2012

Day 3: Best Director – Let’s just start this off with the fact that Ben Affleck was NOT nominated for this Oscar and that my friends is a travesty!!! Same with Quentin!! But..moving on. The only one I can’t judge here is Ang Lee – who I somewhat like as a director but just had no desire to see ‘Life of Pi’ sorry..to those that love it..but its just a ‘wait till its on cable’ movie for me. ‘Amour’ was a terrible, horribly depressing movie..having seen plenty of foreign films I know how different they can be..but a 3 min scene of a lady vacuuming which had nothing to do with the movie..& there were many scenes like this..so sorry Michael Haneke, no bueno; Steven Speilberg, ‘Lincoln’, while beautifully filmed, could have easily been 45min shorter. Benh Zeitlin, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, while an ok movie – also had its ‘huh’ factor for me. So the last one left is David O. Russell – and I would then by fault give the award to him, as ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ was a B+ type of movie.. Do I think it should go to Ben Affleck or Quentin Tarantino – yes by all means YES! but sadly they don’t allow write-in’s.. *sigh* #Peggyatthemovies

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