Oscars – Best Actor pick

Day 5: Getting down to the nitty gritty – Best Actor. Did not see Joaquin Phoenix so can’t judge. And while some of the movies these actors were in were slow & plodding at times, they did REALLY good jobs. Daniel Day Lewis portrayed Lincoln in such a believable manner, Denzel – just amazing in this role, Hugh Jackman, even tho I couldn’t bear the movie, did an ok job, and Bradley Cooper..who would have thought the Hangover guy could actually act??!! And that my friends, is exactly why I am picking him..I like surprises, I like the fact that he went so far out of what is the norm for him. We all know Daniel & Denzel etc..can act.. so let’s break out of the box for once & give it to the guy who we would have never thought in this lifetime would even be nominated.. plus maybe he will bring a tiger onstage for his accpetance speech!! 😀 #Peggyatthemovies

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