Doing a few 3-fer’s here – “Disconnect” “Iron Man 3” “The Great Gatsby”

So I’ve seen a few movies in the last few weeks.. 1st one – ‘Disconnect’ – It was a decent story which I thought could have been taken farther in showing what the advent of internet/social networking etc. has brought on us The performances, especially by the younger half of the cast, were fantastic. They really made the movie..Grade B+ – the plus definitely being the performances.
Next – ‘Iron Man 3’ For the most part I love Marvel movies, tho X-Men is my fav. they are always entertaining..again.. for the most part..why why why I ask do you case Gwenny in this.. Along w/Hathaway & Stewart they make the triplicate of worst actresses out there..and she proves that here once again.. I wanted to punch her as bad as Guy Pierce did.. trust me.. and if there is a Iron Man 4 seems as tho she will be back..might skip it because of that.. Grade: B (taken down a notch because of G.P)
Lastly – ‘The Great Gatsby’ – took my mom for mother’s day.. and just as the 1st rendition years ago, the critics are panning it..Not sure why.. Tho I am admittedly partial to the old school rendition, Robert Redford’s take of this movie.. the visuals in this new version are hard not to respect!! they are STUNNING! DiCaprio is in his element here and shows why he is truly one of the great actors of our time..he has definitely grown up and into his own with these great performances of these past years since Titanic. I love this story.. I always have.. human flaw stories do it to me every time. It’s long and has it’s slow moments..but I still liked it tons.. Grade B+ #peggyatthemovies

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