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aahhh Christian..loved you in this movie..No one can do a combover better than you! ha! And while you winning would totally be deserved, I just don’t think it’s going to happen this time around. 

While I think Bruce has had many good acting turns over his storied career, and this is a decent movie, this was a pretty basic performance of his for me.  Like he could have done it eyes-closed and for me, he doesn’t really deserve to be in this category with this movie up against some really stellar performances. Both June Squibb & Will Arnett out-acted him in this one. So no win here from me. 

Leo..damn you Leo!! You were quite simply put ‘fucking fantastic’ in this role. It was all yours and yours alone. You were just so good that it made the movie all the better and yes, I know you’ve been nominated 5 times and haven’t won and that so sucks…and you are my total runner-up and if you win I will not be sad because damn it, it would be so deserved!!! 

Good performance..but for me, not in the caliber of Leo’s or Matthew’s just as the movie wasn’t in that caliber either.. I truly thought there were others that were markedly better performances, but then this movie seems to be one of the darlings of the Oscars and so the performance stands. 

Well..Allright, Allright, Allright… yeah..it’s hard not to start off a Matthew McConaughey review without that. But let’s regress for a second. There was a time about 15+ years ago when he came on the scene in ‘Dazed & Confused’. ‘A Time to Kill’ etc.. that we just all thought.’wow, love this guy and he can act’ Then sometime right after all that, there was a fork in the road and one side said ‘corny movies, but money’ the other side said ‘good movies but no money’ We all know which road he took as up until early 2013 I can’t remember anyone in many years saying..’oh let’s go see that McConaughey movie’ but I do remember many times saying ‘let’s go see the Leo or Christian movie’ I even remember when Matthew was balding..and badly..and then came on Letterman and said he found this new product..started with an ‘A’ can’t remember the name, and his hair came back nicely. So nicely that when he finally got a grip on his career and said let’s do a few actual good movies again where I show people that yes, I can still act..And ‘Mud’ was wonderful.. But ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ blew me away..I loved everything about this movie and this performance.. And while it’s been dubbed the year of the “McConaissance’ I truly hope it last for a very long time as if ‘True Detective’ is any indication of this..I’m all back in Matthew and I hope you win this award!!! 

Doing a few 3-fer’s here – “Disconnect” “Iron Man 3” “The Great Gatsby”

So I’ve seen a few movies in the last few weeks.. 1st one – ‘Disconnect’ – It was a decent story which I thought could have been taken farther in showing what the advent of internet/social networking etc. has brought on us The performances, especially by the younger half of the cast, were fantastic. They really made the movie..Grade B+ – the plus definitely being the performances.
Next – ‘Iron Man 3’ For the most part I love Marvel movies, tho X-Men is my fav. they are always entertaining..again.. for the most part..why why why I ask do you case Gwenny in this.. Along w/Hathaway & Stewart they make the triplicate of worst actresses out there..and she proves that here once again.. I wanted to punch her as bad as Guy Pierce did.. trust me.. and if there is a Iron Man 4 seems as tho she will be back..might skip it because of that.. Grade: B (taken down a notch because of G.P)
Lastly – ‘The Great Gatsby’ – took my mom for mother’s day.. and just as the 1st rendition years ago, the critics are panning it..Not sure why.. Tho I am admittedly partial to the old school rendition, Robert Redford’s take of this movie.. the visuals in this new version are hard not to respect!! they are STUNNING! DiCaprio is in his element here and shows why he is truly one of the great actors of our time..he has definitely grown up and into his own with these great performances of these past years since Titanic. I love this story.. I always have.. human flaw stories do it to me every time. It’s long and has it’s slow moments..but I still liked it tons.. Grade B+ #peggyatthemovies