Grudge Match

Had my nephews for a day so I thought this movie would be appropriate to take them to, and it was..and not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to also see it myself. why? Well because between the two of them, Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky and Robert De Niro aka Raging Bull, they have made probably 2 of the best, most notable boxing movies ever done.  My nephews, 11 & 13. & their friend Jayden don’t know that, but I gave them a brief history afterwards.  It’s billed as a comedy and Kevin Hart I guess is supposed to be the funny one, so you would think..but nope, Alan Arkin steals the few good, funny  comedy bits from him with dead pan humour.  Kevin has a few funny lines and as you can see from a bunch of upcoming movies plus appearances – we are getting Kevin Hart saturation in the coming months.. will it be overkill or will he be actually funny.. well let’s wait and see. I like him for the most part. Kim Basinger, who I just found out turned 60 and is beyond STUNNING looking..she just beautiful, is thrown in as the love interest of both Stallone & De Niro’s character from past points..had a son with De Niro’s character – and no I’m not making up these names..ha! (‘The Kid’ McDonnen) when pissing off Stallone’s character (‘Razor’ Sharp) – Jon Berenthal from TWD fame..does a decent supporting job as the son  I mean it’s a fun, quirky movie, like it’s a comedy with a heart story behind it is what I was getting,.neither of them are going to get Oscars or even a mention. But I gotta give huge respect to these to old guys working out etc..and even staging a pretend fight at their age.. They are tougher than a lot of guys I know in their 20’s & 30’s – or heck myself even!! respect from me on that is definitely there. It’s an okay enough of an entertaining movie to take kids to, or parents etc..  Grade: C-     #peggyatthemovies

Present time Grudge Match..
Present time Grudge Match..

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