The Wolf of Wall Street



Here’s the deal about this movie.. as you’re watching it you know Jordan Belfort is an absolute scumbag from moment one.  But you get sucked into the story really quick..and that is because of DiCaprio’s performance – which is simply fantastic! Matthew McConaughey is seriously my ‘go-to’ guy this year as his smart, but small supporting role at the beginning is not only pivotal, it’s just really damn good! Hey we’ve seen people get nominated and win, for much less time onscreen.  But the star of this movies is clearly the word ‘EXCESS’  I mean I had my party days, they might have even lasted a few years to long, and thought I could hold up with the best of them as we did pretty damn good job of it..but these people made me look like a tee-toller!!  The supporting cast is great – but again it’s all about DiCaprio, and one day they have to give him more than just a nomination but the actual Oscar itself. I’ve watched him come up from ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ – which I went to see for Johnny Depp and walked out going ‘who is that other kid’ to ‘Basketball Diaries’.. Hell I even saw ‘The Quick & the Dead’ – well for Russell Crowe at the time..ha! Even when ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ was released same time as ‘Titanic’ and it was so overlooked.. He’s had to many great performances & the list can go on & on..but hey, you know what they are too! So beyond that, and the fact that this guy, Belfort, was a scumbag who got away with way to much & of course they don’t show the hurt he caused people, it’s still a truly good movie that is award-worthy.  Oh, that and Jordan Belfort is shopping a reality TV show..*sigh*  A & E or Bravo…here is your new target audience..  But definitely see the movie.. Grade: A   #peggyatthemovies

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