Saving Mr. Banks


Let me start off by saying I love ‘Mary Poppins’  I never had read the books as a child that I can remember..I was a Nancy Drew girl, but the movie was wonderful. I also love Disneyland..yep the one & only true original DISNEYLAND in Anaheim. It was a wonderful place to go to as a child though I didn’t get to go a lot of times, they were all memorable. This movie really brought back all those memories in a way that I never imagined because as a child you just sometimes think all these things are real, I did at least, and they just magically happen! You don’t think that someone wrote them, and spent 20yrs trying to make it a movie, nor 2 random guys wrote the songs etc etc.. One day it’s just there and it’s wonderful. This story tells you so much more which is why I probably wouldn’t take kids to it. There is no swearing or killing, nothing ‘R’ rated, but hey, just don’t spoil the fantasy that most kids have like I did. I found this to be a rather heart-wrenching tale of what & who ‘Mary Poppins’ really is ..or was..and it made me a bit sad that her life had to be so hard when all these years, you just thought she had a spoonful of sugar and everything was grand. Tom Hanks is fun as Walt Disney himself (will he be cryogenically frozen also – hmmmm 🙂  but I am not so sure Walt himself was really that jovial. I always heard stories that he was kinda a grumpy guy.. I love Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers and from the original recordings you can hear that yes, she was that bitchy of a Brit over her story! ha! Colin Farrell does a good turn here also as ‘Mary’s real life father’ and really the man who prompted the story be written at all.  I liked this movie and while I don’t think it will win any major awards, it’s a decent nomination turn.  Grade: B+  #peggyatthemovies


One thought on “Saving Mr. Banks”

  1. I really enjoyed this movie too. The breakout and most enjoyable part for me was Collin Ferrels character. He was tragically flawed, but with a heart of gold.

    Also, I thought they did an EXCELLENT job with the film editing. Having 2 very different movies spliced into one is a very hard task. But, the outback of Australia and the Making of a Disney movie complemented each other exceptionally.

    To touch on your point, it was extremely poignant to see why she was so protective of her characters. She just wanted to honor her father and protect the good memories from being tainted by the bad. The way they did that was done beautifully. Had it not had the background of P.L. Travers, showing the making of Mary Poppins would have made her look like a total bitch with no heart or soul.

    I enjoyed it immensely and also enjoyed escaping from cursing, drugs, and killing.

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