At this movie started off, I sat thinking ‘Uh oh – here we go, another movie about crotchety old people’ and it was just that at the beginning. But it turned into a lot more.  I should say upfront though that one of my biggest fears – besides spiders & needles – is getting old. It’s scares the bejesus out of me as each year passes and how different things become, and not for the better. So yes, this movie frightened me in that way as ‘damn, I just don’t want this but yet it’s inevitable. It rolls with what seems a pretty authentic feel for what small town living must be like..something I have never experienced, but in a weird way, always wanted to just try it for a bit. (yes, I know how well it would work out as in not at all Ha!) But as it goes on and you see the very funny family interactions. As much as they bicker and spool each other with nasty comments, some of it is just plain funny. Dark humour to say the least, but you still laugh. And what you thought was going to be a another silly story of an old person, finely acted by Bruce Dern, turns into a rather sweet, sentimental journey of a father and son (Will Forte is surprisingly good here in a turn for drama).  June Squibb as Dern’s character, Woody Grant’s wife, Kate, is really the show stealer here though. Her and the wonderful Stacy Keach (Ed Pegram) I think she might get a best supporting nod for this though probably not a win.  Do I think this movie is good enough for a Best Oscar nod, nah..I can see why some do though. It’s a good watch for a family viewing – not kids – especially if you have older parents such as I do, take them to this movie, show them some love as this movie clearly shows..getting older is not fun, but you can still give it a day or two to live life.  #peggyatthemovies

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