Sherlock IS BACK!!!


Usually I don’t devote a whole blog to one show but this show is really wonderful & fun to watch.  And let’s face it, it made Benedict Cumberbatch’s career.  He is really wonderful as Sherlock Holmes and brings such life and new spin to the character it’s really a wonderful acting job.  I adore the chemistry between Sherlock & John Watson aka Martin Freeman who I’ve loved & laughed with since he was on the U.K. version (the original) of ‘The Office’ which everyone knows was sooooooo much better than the US version.  The writing is well done and combined with the acting this show just makes you look forward to it coming back over and over again.  I won’t spoil the cliff-hanger..but let’s just say with Sherlock, you never really know if it’s the truth ..or not.. 

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