mood indigo

Review of this movie = I left after 20 minutes.  And that made me sad.  I adore Romain Duris, Omar Sy & Audrey Tautou and I so thought this was going to be a cute, funny, whimsical movie.  Needless to say it wasn’t and I haven’t walked out of a movie since Les Miserables. Before that, it had been years.. I mean I sat through ‘The Other Woman” you’d think I would be able to do this.. But I couldn’t. And yes, It made me sad.

Moving on..

2 thoughts on “++NEW POST ~ “MOOD INDIGO”++”

    1. Yes..sadly it was.. I don’t walk out of movies..I stick with it till the bitter end..but I just couldn’t do it it was so bad. And again, I love all the actors in it when I’ve watched their other movies.. This was just awful. About 10 people walked out before me even.. It really was sad because I was looking forward to it.

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