Review: “LET’S BE COPS” (2014 – 20th Century Fox)

“Let’s be Cops” needs to be re-titled into “Let’s NOT be Cops” as it’s one of the worst, if not the worst, movie I’ve seen all year..and I’ve seen a few doozies so far this me. Sad thing is I was really looking forward to it hoping it was going to be super funny..It’s not. You know how a bit of the trailers make the movie look funny?? yeah..once they are wrapped into the movie, not even THEY are funny scenes anymore. If a 1/2 full theater doesn’t even get one single laugh during any of the movie, well you know you could’ve set the money you paid for the ticket on fire and it would probably be a better show.

The plot is so beyond pointless I’m not sure I can even take the time to get completely into it. I think that Damon Wayons Jr. who plays one half of the duo of best friends “Justin” & “Ryan” played by Jake Johnson, is perhaps the better of the two, though that’s not saying much, and predictably so, they ‘losers’ now that they are 30 with the predictable no careers or future prospects. Justin is an assistant at a gaming company who wants to try to pitch his game about you guessed it..being a cop. So he has cop uniforms which they then take to the next level and go to a party dressed in the uniforms. After this it basically turns into a shitshow of a few mediocre funny scenes which only really work because Wayons Jr & Johnson do actually have some chemistry together as shown on their FOXTV show “New Girl”. So it goes in the movie that of course they take it too far, Justin falls for the girl “Josie” (Nina Dobrev) who just happens to be a waitress/makeup artist to help them in their exploits against a mob gang lead by “Mossi” in a much-waste of a good actor role played by James D’Arcy and cop-gone-bad “Brolin” another waste of time for Andy Garcia..not even Rob Riggle raises a laugh in his role as cop-to-the-rescue “Segars”. Truly the funniest scenes seemed to be deleted and shown as the credits started..

This movie basically was 2 guys that star and have some chemistry on a sitcom together, to make a movie. To go on more about this movie is simply..well not worth the time as if you haven’t guessed by this time, you should just skip it.

Grade: D-

Grading Scale: A = Oscar Worthy; B = Above average – must see; C = Average – Should see; D = Don’t see; F = Definitely don’t see

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