Review: “WHIPLASH” (2014)

Because after seeing this film again last night and having the Q & A afterwards with brilliant, wonderful J.K. Simmons & Dir: Damien Chazelle, I realize that my B+ grade should REALLY be bumped to an A because this movie is THAT good. And the performances.. well there are no words really for how good they are. So with that..

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Before I saw this movie, someone said to me “Oh, it looks like a jazz version of “FAME”. A more mis-informed statement could not be ever spoken! A “Fame” remake this movie is not..If you love music, most especially jazz and have heard all those stories about the inner circle of the jazz greats..this is your movie.. With my basic knowledge of music and somewhat better at knowing those stories, I was able to follow along well. But “Whiplash” is a quite darkly, somewhat disturbing movie about 19 y/o “Andrew” played superbly here by Miles Teller, who eats, lives and breathes being a drummer, who wants so badly to be ‘remembered’ in this life as one of the world’s best he will do and put up with almost anything..again, almost..  His journey through what was at times, hard for me to watch as I’ve experienced people in my life like…

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    1. It was SO great.. sent you a tweet w/a pic. 🙂 JK is funny, witty..Damien Chazelle is so young..didn’t know that. insightful creative guy.. they really brought it even more to life for me. 🙂

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