Well here we are. The very last day of my “7 Days of Oscar” and I’ve saved the biggest and best for last. While this is a very good slate of films, and most of them deserve to be here, some clearly more than others. I have made my choice – hard as it was, and I very well know there can be an upset of epic proportions in this category above all of them.

Final note: **Reminder that I’m giving who I think the winner will be and what would be my pick – because they just might not be the same!! 😀


The Big Short
This film is dark comedy at it’s best. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry and the acting is just spectacular all the way around.

Bridge of Spies
Not a strong enough film here for me. I almost felt had I not known it was based on a true story, I would have thought how contrived and predictable it was. While I liked it on a whole, save for Mark Rylance’s brilliant performance, it had some slow moments and at times, could be a dull ride.

A sweet, yet altogether to sappy of a story for me. I liked it for sure, but it waned & dragged through parts to much so for me to give it a big vote here.

Mad Max: Fury RoadPossible Winner
Ohhh how I love this movie. It’s fast, entertaining, and just an all around thrill ride. Need I say more.. I think not. But I will say I think a secret part of me wants it to win in my heart of hearts because it was just so truly… EVERYTHING.

The Martian
Fun fun movie here.. is it Oscar winning? No, but it’s completely entertaining and definitely a good watch.

When I saw this film I was completely and utterly blown away as I didn’t think Inarritu could outdo ‘Birdman’.. he did. It’s a mind-bending experience of a film which is what made me pick it, by just a hair mind you.

Why this movie is even here on this list I’ve still to fathom, but it has so many fans..that I’m guessing have never watched Law & Order: SVU as I’ve seen this story better done on episode of that show. It just still boggles my mind.

SpotlightPossible upset winner
Very good and VERY gutsy movie to bring this subject literally back into the spotlight. Just not a winner for me, but it could very well do so here and be the upset winner of the year.

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17 thoughts on “7 DAYS OF OSCARS: FINAL DAY 7 ~ “BEST PICTURE””

  1. P.S. just to clairfy from the response I gave in the Best Actor post, I am not disappointed in everything about this year’s Oscars. I am very happy that Mad Max: Fury Road is nominated and I am glad Inside Out was nominated for Best Animated film and I am very happy that Stallone was nominated so If some categories do not have the film I wanted nominated I do the next best thing which is to be happy for the nominations the overlooked films did get 🙂 But hey, at least Mad Max: Fury Road was nominated for lots of stuff 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    1. ok..no worries.. you just seemed really disappointed in all of it as it just seemed like if someone you wanted wasn’t nominated, you would point that out and who you thought should be there..and a lot of them you noted you hadn’t seen..so it seemed to me the disappointment level was high! Sorry if I mis-understood that. While we all have those we might have liked to have been nominated, my postings were about those who have been and out of those groupings..which one I might like to see win or will most probably win. It’s all in good fun and I think we’d all like to see whom we like nominated.. but I just don’t think they can listen to all of us.. hahahahaha

  2. Fury Road is EVERYTHINGGGGG!! I so want it to sweep everything tonight. Not gonna happen but ah well, a girl can dream!

      1. Hey I got my recap post from last night up now, hope you’ll check it out. Yeah, I’m bummed that Miller & Fury Road didn’t win, but I can’t be too upset as Spotlight is indeed a great film.

      2. I just read the recap.. 🙂 And yeah..I predicted the upset.. oh well..it IS a good movie and the real reporters are hero’s to me sooo… 😀

  3. On my site, I just posted Part 3 of 3 regarding my thoughts on the Academy Awards which in my recent blog posts details the ceremony. Once again, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  4. I’ve seen 5 of 7. I would rank them in this order:
    1. Mad Max (agree great thrill ride, best action movie of 2015)
    2. Revenant(jaw-dropping scenes, lacking in characterization)
    3. Spotlight(involving yet predictable.Most important of the 7)
    4. The Big Short (Bale was my fav to watch. Celebs explaining in layman’s terms complicated banking ideas was fun idea)
    5. The Martian (looks good,predictable. A bit overrated.Didn’t feel his anxiety)

      1. My favorite moments of last week’s Oscar show was seeing Mad Max: Fury Road take home six Oscars and seeing Inside Out win Best Animated film 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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