WE ARE HERE!!! The final day of my Oscar Countdown and I’ve saved the biggest and best for last. While this is a very good slate of films, and most of them deserve to be here, for the first time ever, I don’t have a picture that I truly ‘LOVED’ this year in this category as Nocturnal Animals wasn’t nominated. I liked them all, again, some more than others, and while I still have a pick – there is no one clear choice for me. That and my pick has no chance of winning whatsoever. So with that being said…I always hope for a few fun upsets!


While I really enjoyed this film, one of the best Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen, but can I roll with it for best picture? nah, but it is worth a watch, especially if you like this genre. It also has a very relevent message for this day and age of politics that we now live in. It shows that hate for something or someone different, really doesn’t need to be. Truthfully right now, I would trust an alien more than the circus clown act we have in charge at the moment.

While I liked this film at points, on other points it just lagged or went to fast as they literally took every single word from the play and put it into the film. I get it, you don’t want to mess with the original sometimes, but in this case, trimming it down some would have been beneficial and the movie suffered as a result of not doing so.

Hacksaw Ridge
Let’s face it, the first 45 minutes of this was an absolute cheese-fest. The remainder – sort of a gore-fest. And while it did good at the points of making you flip-flop on what you wanted that main character to do, it also gave us some Brits & Aussies doing terrible attempts at southern accents.

Hell or High Water
While it’s good to see a film be remembered from earlier in the year, and I liked the film, it just really never struck a chord with me as award material when watching.

Hidden Figures
I enjoyed this film a lot and it was about time something was done and made about these three fantastic women and what they contributed to our NASA space program in the 60’s. It had some big ups and a few downs with the tone of it all.

With an opening scene that I just loved and so well done, you would think the rest of the film was going to be just as good. It’s not. Mind you it’s a good watch, but far from a great one and just a little to far-fetched, cutsey perfect for me. But hey, WHIPLASH was so damn good and was what a jazz story could be, that well, I guess I’ll give a groan when this wins, but I can’t hate on it completely.

While far far from a perfect film, the first half delivers big and is terrific, but it’s second half drags a lot until you get to the last 10 minutes or so. Again, I’m not in love with it. Having a great post Q & A with Dev Patel and first time director Garth Davis probably helped me some, but it did move me as a wonderful story of hope. And with that, I picked it even though I know it has absolutely no chance of winning.

Manchester by the Sea
For me, the film isn’t terrible – but honestly, I had no idea what as happening in the first 20-30 minutes. You just knew the guy was angry, but no clue as to why. It took 2 hrs. to get to the point and those 2 hrs. seemed like many more at times.

While watching this film, I couldn’t help thinking I’ve seen this story before..and I have – noting the fact it was done much better on the ‘The Wire’ and I think I would have liked to see three episodes of that again vs. this film. It was more than a tad inconsistent, with the first two thirds much better than the last third, and I was distracted by having characters played by multiple actors who looked nothing alike. That being said, it’s a good film considering the shoe-string budget it was made on.

Thanks all for taking the time to give this a read. Let me know your thoughts on if you agree or disagree with my picks. Don’t forget to give this page a follow or a follow on twitter as well @pegsatthemovies. Cheers!


  1. Yet to watch your favorite Lion, I’ve heard good things. Hell or High Water & Moonlight I liked the most, although have only seen 5 of 9.
    What a crazy Best Picture flub on the night, was fun to watch the bewilderment though 🙂

    1. That was a crazy watch there at the end. Sad thing was, I watched one of my old, close friends up on that stage for La La Land, he did music supervision, up there smiling and so happy..but I could tell something was going on..and then..boop..he was gone. Sad for them, but they handled it graciously, also sad for Moonlight who got a special moment muddled up. Lion is I noted, I didn’t have one movie that was nominated that I just LOOOVED!! I liked all of them though.. does that make sense?? hahahaha

  2. Sorry your friend was a victim of the miscap on stage. There’s a clip online of Sammy Davis Jr reading wrong envelope, so not the first time 🙂
    Makes perfect sense, liking and not loving the films. Maybe because the Best Picture films have an oscar-baity-ness that distracts, making them a little artificial and less loveable. Just a theory.

    1. I agree.. but usually there is always that one picture I’m completely in love with. Like last year there was The Revenant..and I loved almost every film nominated..or Birdman the year fav. picture was Nocturnal Animals and it didn’t even get nominated. :/ Did you per chance see it yet?

      1. I’ve watched so many films so the ones that floor me are usually those that move me or do something I’ve never seen before.
        Didn’t love Nocturnal Animals as much as you, although was beautifully shot, well-acted, and quite original. The story was cleverly told, but I wasn’t moved by it emotionally.

      2. I totally get that. I think I liked it so much because it scared the bejesus out of me..but in a good way! hahahaha I saw so many bad films last year that when a even semi-good one came out, it would take me by surprise. One of my other fav. movies.. Sing Street. it was by far the best movie people didn’t see. :/

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