Here we are – Day Four of the ‘SEVEN DAYS OF OSCARS’ countdown and we are at ‘Best Actor”. Once again I give who I think will win – and what my pick would be – as those two choices sometimes differ.


Call Me by Your Name
A lovely young actor to burst upon the scene and while I think he has a good career ahead of him, this isn’t really a winning performance for me.

Phantom Thread
Oh Daniel, mind you I’ve only just seen this film, but I do wish he was going out with one of his really truly amazing performances rather than this being it.

Get Out
Good performance, but was it really enough to win? I guess we will find out as there is a chance of this, and more than just an outside one. While it’s not my choice, I do know it’s a definite possibility. No matter, again a great career ahead for this young actor.

Darkest Hour
Gary, Gary, Gary – you have always been one of my favourites, and I really hope this is finally your swan song.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.
While I love Denzel, I do think this nomination was what we can call ‘the Meryl Streep’ where they throw you in to fill the category. And since they couldn’t nominate James Franco, that’s what they did. Sad, but true as it’s a basic good Denzel performance – just not great as we all know he can do.


  1. I totally agree about DDL.
    I don’t mind of Oldman wins, and I certainly believe he will, but for me DANIEL KALUUYA is where it’s at. It was such a controlled performance. I think casting that role was really pivotal in making that film as great as it is.

    1. I liked the movie…can’t say I think I loved it as much as you. Same with the performance. He did ‘make’ the movie though, that I can completely agree on.

  2. I loved Get Out, so I’m rooting for Daniel Kaluuya. At the same time, Gary Oldman has deserved an Oscar for a long, long time!

    1. Daniel def has a chance – and I’m just someone who liked the film – not even loved – but I know this. But Gary – let’s just think how many times Gary has deserved this award in his life including this time .. yeah I gotta stick with Gary.

  3. I am rooting for Gary Oldman to win too. Many people say that Kaluuya’s win is a definite possibility, but I don’t see anything special in his performance. Pugh, also a relative newcomer, was not nominated for Lady Macbeth, and her performance was better than Kaluuya’s. Again, it is all about race politics.

    1. Maybe on the politics things. I just didn’t think the movie was the greatest thing ever as some do. Again, I liked it and I do think he ‘made’ the movie – but I liked his comedic friend the most. It was definitely a ‘thinker’ type movie with some suspense & some comedy. Do I think it should be heralded as being a good job for a first film with nominations, most definitely. Just wasn’t good enough to me to win them.

      1. Agreed. In the past, there were so many breakthrough performances which were ignored by the Academy just because they involved unheard of actors, and now suddenly we have this furore over Kaluuya. I don’t know. The Academy just picks and chooses what it likes.

  4. Agree Timothée Chalamet is talented and one to watch for the future! I’m okay with Oldman winning (haven’t seen Darkest Hour). If he wins, a recognition for his entire filmography, since he’s been a great actor for a long time.

    For me, the snub of the year in Best Actor goes to Robert Pattinson in Good Time, he is phenomenal in that.

    1. I didn’t really love that movie or him in it. For me it’s James Franco – and while I completely understand the reasoning behind it, it’s almost to bad he messed it all up because he was fantastic in The Disaster Artist and would have given Oldman a run for the money. 🙂

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