Insta-Review: “HALLOWEEN” (2018) Universal

Yes..#MichaelMyers is back after 40 long years locked away in an asylum. And so is #JamieLeeCurtis as #LaurieStrode – the one who barely escaped him all those years ago.
Now you have no idea how excited I was for this..I was completely prepared to have my pants scared off.. I mean come on..this is #Halloween right…Wrong.
We start off with two “investigative” journalists from the U.K. doing a research project on Myers and actually visit him. Then of course somehow (they don’t show this) he escapes while being transferred and of course goes on a killing spree.
This is where it gets even more ridiculous. Laurie, who lives in isolation in a state of complete paranoia and whose house is equipped with everything from a full blown arsenal, to traps, gates and her very own ‘panic basement’ but yet some how her estranged now adult daughter Kathy (#JudyGreer) her husband Ray (#TobyHuss), along with her granddaughter Allyson (#AndiMatichak), don’t really seem super worried that he’s killing all there friends. Finally they get it, but these parents actually leave their child behind because she’s at a high school dance.. this is where it just went so wrong for me…cause that would never happen.
Long story short…it seems as though #MichaelMyers even though he’s gotta be at least 70, can plow through and slash up a bunch of people all while getting ran over, shot a few times and stabbed more times than I can count. They should just call him the Energizer Bunny Slasher because clearly he can take a licking and keep on ticking.
I never jumped once, was never even the slightest bit times I almost felt bored. The dialogue can bit a bit ridiculous at times..but the one thing I loved and you should go to see it for…the music…ahhhhhh the wonderful old creepy music is back. Too bad it was the best part of the film.
The ending is decent and Jamie Lee does her best with this.. and is Halloween so I will say to see it.. but if they try to say Myers survives the ending and try to do a sequel..I will say no to that.
Happy Halloweenie everyone!

Grade: C-

Media Screening: Monday, October 15, 2018 ~ Courtesy of Universal

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8 thoughts on “Insta-Review: “HALLOWEEN” (2018) Universal”

  1. I really need to see this. sucks that you didn’t like it much though. I laughed at your ‘Energizer Bunny Slasher’ comment hehe. So I assume you prefer the original? This sounds a but all over the place but I still wanna see it, just to compare it to the original more than anything.

    As for being scared… I really want to find a movie that legit scares me. But I am yet to find one. The Exorcist and The Shining scared me but I was only 13-14 when I saw them. Now… Hereditary was mental and some scenes were insanely disturbing and didn’t leave my head… but it never scared me. I really want a movie to really scared me and unsettle me. That may sound weird but I really want one!!

    1. yeah – I always suggest that everyone watches the films on their own because we all have different tastes. I did like the original so much more. But truly scary movies are hard to find. Go to some oldies like Carrie, Candyman, Chucky, and a newer one 10 Cloverfield. I’m not a fan of slasher films as I don’t find them scary – a good true SCARY movie is so much fun! 🙂

      1. I didn’t really like Chucky films unfortunately, and while I enjoyed it a lot, 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t scare me at all (that was the one with John Goodman right?). As for Carrie, that is one I need to see, and Candyman is one I’ve only heard referred to in songs and TV. I’ll have to check it out.

      2. Only the first Candyman is good. I’ve never looked in the mirror the same way…hahahahha you will get that comment once you see it! 🙂 Same with Chucky – I only liked the first one. And yes, the John Goodman one – it was maybe more thriller.. I get that.

      3. I know of the Candyman mirror thing from South Park and other stuff I’ve watched, plus there is also a 90’s hip hop song I love that has a modified ‘Candyman, Candyman, Candyman’ sample. Or maybe its not modified and from the move! Its kinda whispered, sounds really creepy. I hope that is the case, that would creep me out ;D

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