Sorry to make a non-movie posting…but to many people have fought for our right to vote and so many discard it as nothing as it’s a mid-term election and seemly not ‘important’ enough.. But it is! Our lives literally are hanging by a thread with our buffoon in office who takes to twitter to tweet up to 10 new lies per day. Too much is at stake for people to not take this seriously and I’m tired of hearing the whining afterwards from the people who didn’t bother to show up at the polls. And many big propositions are also at stake here in all the various States and counties. #VOTEBLUE #VOTEFORYOURLIFE #VOTEFOROTHERSLIVES #WOMENSVOTE #WAKEUP #IMPEACH #RESIST This is our chance to start the change of the disgusting cycle we’ve had to listen to for the past 2 years. His followers are blind and can’t tell right from wrong, don’t bother with them, just get someone who might be questioning the scum policies enacted by the GOP – or someone who can vote for the first time – or someone who can’t get to the polls – let’s get them there to VOTE BLUE! #BLUEWAVE

So again, apologies and all will return back to normal after Election Tuesday here in the US and I thank all the non-US people for your patience in my little rant/preach here! 😀
And thank you to all who do take the time to get out and do this as it is your right. And a hard fought one at that. Don’t let it go to waste.

Cheers all ~

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