INSTA-REVIEW “AQUAMAN” (2018) Warner Bros.

Two things I never thought I would see. 1. #NicoleKidman in a DC superhero movie or 2. Another DC superhero movie. 😁 okay kidding on the latter – but as most of already seen this with an early overseas debut..I will be quick about even the the film was so very very loooong.

#JasonMomoa is back as #Aquaman and sharing the screen with him is #AmberHeard as Princess Mera, who visits him on land to tell him he must accept his rightful role as ruler of Atlantis even though he is a half breed as his father Tom #TemueraMorrison is ‘surface dweller’ and his mother is a queen. #WillemDafoe is his mentor Vulko..and a terribly mis-cast #PatrickWilson is his half-brother King Orm.

There is so much backstory involved here, much of it so densely written you have a hard time following as they don’t actually make it enticing enough to do so. You have a lot of violence moth above ground and even including it’s very own underwater straight out of ‘Gladiator’ Coliseum battle.

The whole Atlantis concept is quite stunning and well done. A huge strong point of the film itself. But random characters like Black Manta #YahaAbdulMateenII aren’t played well except to let you know early on what #Aquaman2 will be about.

Momoa does single handedly save this one as best he can with a plot that is truly all over the place and much too long and drawn out. And by far, this is not a film for children in the slightest. So will I recommend it for DC fans – sure because they did finally bring something a bit new to the table.

Grade: C
Media Review screening Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018 – courtesy of Warner Bros.

19 thoughts on “INSTA-REVIEW “AQUAMAN” (2018) Warner Bros.”

  1. I actually liked Yaha Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta. It’s too bad that he got so little screen time because his hatred of Aquaman was more compelling than Orm’s. They’re clearly setting Black Manta to have a more major role in the sequel, which causes him to feel wasted in this one. Great review!

    1. Thank you.. Yeah – I felt like he was like a back story that wasn’t really looked at because of the whole story that we were trying to follow. But it was a little bit of a cheesy set-up for me early on into what you clearly can read into as the sequel will be ALL about him. They better make him a lot more interesting than they did. πŸ™‚

      1. yeah – there is a way to block – I forget exactly how it is.. but I marked his reply spam as now I get that that’s what he is after seeing him post his weirdness on more than one blog. Some people have nothing better to do..ah’s funny as If you try to look at his twitter it will say you are blocked – so blocked back! hahahahhaha

      2. pffff. Yeah, some people just don’t have their life/mind whatever figured out and cos of that do shit like this. Tho this is just annoying, some of the people who threaten others on twitter is insane!

        I marked it as spam too. Goddamned annoying cos I know not many people read my blog and Its kinda mildly exciting to see comments on a post, as I looooove shooting the shit about film. And then its this idiot.

        Oh well!! πŸ™‚

      3. Oh I totally get that ‘mildly exciting part’ you get a notice that someone has left a comment and you’re all excited – and then it’s a spammer.. uugggh.. I know that feeling! πŸ™‚

      4. hehe yeah, ahh well! I just like writing tbh, I watch films so much with kinda a directors eye ya know. I’m finally studying film cos I’ve always wanted to make a movie, I’m especially obsessed with cinematography. Pain is it is very slow, and only online atm, but sooo worth it. Heh these reviews cld almost be homeot could almost be homework! maybe it will be some time! I’m gonna move soon for it cos i wanna do it in person at the actual college.

        Tho… whats cool about the reviews is I get gold passes for our adelaide film festival :D! its amazing I’m just in total heaven watching as many films as possible πŸ˜› BUt thats only one every two years

        woops sorry for that essay of a reply

      5. Jordan – always know that you can leave as long as a reply as you want. It’s how we ‘talk’ πŸ™‚ and i love it. I’m so happy for you doing what you want to do and studying film now! that is GREAT news and I’m excited to see what you come up with. I have a feeling I will love it! And yeah, film festivals are hard, there are so many here, but I can’t afford to go to things like Sundance etc.. I wonder how all these ‘freelance’ writers actually do afford it. But good on them..and take advantage of it every two years.. I mean why not! πŸ™‚

      6. Helll yeah, hopefully I can get that pass again next year. Last year was insane, it has Goddard’s new film, the new film from the Badadook director, which is coming out in June or something so that was really cool cos she did a Q&A as well. Al;so got to see that Buster Scruggs movie on an actual movie screen too! Its odd that for such a crappy city, we seem to have the best film fest in aus. there was even some cool VR stuff with traditional aboriginal song and dance that you could look at in 360degrees. now THAT was cool πŸ˜€

      7. I love that! I really love Q & A’s as sometimes you get such an insight into a film after seeing it – that you never might have gotten otherwise!

      8. totally!!I dunno if you saw or liked The Badadook – its a really good Rosemary’s Baby type female led psycho-thriller – but Jennifer Kent is great and this next one I’m talking about – The Nightingale – is sooo different, you could almost call it epic. Its based in 1830’s Australia, which was a very interesting (and disgusting) time in our history. Keep an eye oiut for it πŸ™‚

      9. I did see it – i unfortunately was not it’s biggest fan. I didn’t hate it, but also didn’t love it.. Will be totally wanting to see The Nightengale!!

      10. its a totally different type of movie, very wel done and historically accurate too. You can learn how awful this country was in the early 1800s heh

  2. Hmmmm. You know what, I think I might go see this just for the visuals. I’m not the biggest superhero movie fan but from what I’ve seen Atlantis looks incredible.

    1. I loved the underground water world. It was amazing – and worth the visuals. I think I’m just on a DC burnout from the last few years. This was one of the better ones of recent. definitely worth the entertainment of watch – though be prepared – it’s very long.

      1. Yeah its the visuals I wanna see. I missed the 3D run (it was only for a week =/) but I really wanna see that world on the big screen. I’m sure the rest will bore me a bit as most of these types of movies do, but hopefully I am surprised

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