Peggy at the Movies – shares some TV shows to watch/not watch

Hi all…Hope everyone is staying safe and most of all..sane!! Haven’t been in the mood to really review movies but luckily we have tons of TV to be able to stream and thought I’d share from my Instagram post a few of things I’ve watched so far and some grades for them. Let me know what you all are watching as well.

First off: #TheSinner S2. USA CHANNEL – Sorry but not even the gorgeous #MattBomer could save this one. S1 had a story with characters we could understand. This was a convoluted mess.
Grade: F

Next up #TheStranger: Netflix – passable for a mystery thriller by Harlen Cobin. But by the end you’re doing a bit of eye rolling because of the believability of the main character and all his actions. But not a terrible watch by any means.
Grade: C+

#TigerKing: Netflix – okay how did we get sucked up into this insane story…because it’s almost too insane to be real. But it is. Fyi – Carole & her dad totally knocked off her husband, the fact that Joe Exotic and all his crazies reveals they were doing meth at the end should surprise absolutely no one. The Antle cult dude, well I have no words. They should all be shut down. End of story.
Grade: B (mostly because it’s Bonkers)

Lastly, #Hunters: Amazon – 1st episode put me off when I first watched it weeks before the shutdown, but i went back to it and it’s a trip and highly original in its filming style, but it’s also pretty hardcore so know that in advance. Plus I ended up loving badass Roxy #TiffanyBoone and Lonny Flash #JoshRadnor – The cast including #AlPacino are fantastic but I truly didn’t like the ending..still so worth the watch.
Grade: B+

Will be back next week with those watches as there is sooooo much more I’ve started. Take care until then.

6 thoughts on “Peggy at the Movies – shares some TV shows to watch/not watch”

  1. Good shows! I also was really let down by Sinner season 2, especially since season 1 was such a good mystery! I enjoyed Hunters and look forward to that storyline continuing. I’ll have several streaming reviews coming up in the following weeks from shows I’ve finished these past couple months, but for now the wife and I have finally started Better Call Saul (we’re in season 2 now) and I’m just cracking Ozark season 3 tonight 😉

    1. I tried Better Call Saul way back when it started as I had been such a big Breaking Bad fan.. I couldn’t get into after 5 eps. :/ But I am DEFINITELY doing Ozark as well this week/weekend and have dished into the free 30 days on Showtime hahahahah so I got all caught up on Homeland and now just going to start Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu with Reese Witherspoon. I also did some Network shows, but those can be hit & miss so will let you know next week! And I so agree with you on the Sinner.. what a mad disappointment this season was. That first season was so good! Twitter me @pegsatthemovies when you post so I don’t miss it..looking forward to it! You and your wife stay safe!

  2. I’m loving DEVS (Fx/Hulu), Tales from the Loop (Amazon Prime), Dimension 404 (Hulu), and I have lukewarm love for The Plot Against America (HBO) and Season 3 of WestWorld. I did not enjoy Star Trek: Picard (CBS) (See my review at Hulu’s documentary (BBS) “A Story of Film: An Odyssey” is a delighter.

    Loving your blog, Peggy. Continued Success!

    1. The Plot Against America started off sooooo slow! The first 2 eps. were meh..but boy did it pick’s in my new weekly this week. I’ve not heard of DEVS or Dimension 404 – will give it a check out. Westworld lost me in Season 2 – don’t make a show so hard to figure out that I need to ask people..hahahhaa I’m not big into Star Trek though one of my first actors I ever represented and am still good friends with today, Wilson Cruz, is on one of them – somewhere..ahhahahaha thanks for checking my page out and definitely will keep checking yours..Stay Safe and Sane Greg! 🙂

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