Peggy at the Movies – TV shows to check out.. or not – Week 2

Welcome to another week of Quarantine and some more TV shows to check out..or not..courtesy of yours truly.

Council of Dads: ABC Network
Save yourself the time – I barely made it thru the pilot episode
Grade: F

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: NBC Network
This is actually quit cute. Think a Glee for adults – except no one is trying that hard and it’s a great cast #PeterGallagher #MarySteenburgen #LaurenGraham #JaneLevy It’s just simply put – cutsey.
Grade: B-

Homeland: Showtime
So I got myself a 30 day free subscription and caught up on a few things. Carrie Mathison #ClaireDanes still makes the craziest of faces, but it’s the final season and they kinda went back to their roots here and it works.
Grade: B+

World on Fire: PBS
Yes, I watch PBS – as a matter of fact I love Masterpiece etc..this is a decent show that I’m only on eps. 2 of – but i like it. It can be a bit sad & hard, but I recommend it.
Grade: C+

The Plot Against America: HBO
The first 2 eps. were exceedingly slow, but whoa did it pick up. It provides an interesting twist to what if Charles Lindbergh had become President during WWII – for those that still think he’s a hero..and not the Nazi Sympathizer that he will open your eyes. Plus it’s well acted.
Grade: B

Dispatches From Elsewhere: AMC Network
I wanted so badly to like this show..and I tried to keep watching, I really did. Alas, I couldn’t do it anymore – I actually stopped in the middle of an episode. *sigh
Grade: D

Thanks for reading and tune in next week for a new set of shows I’ll be watching including Ozark – which I’ve been saving and Ray Donovan – gotta put those free 30 days to good use! 😊
Take care..stay safe and sane!

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6 thoughts on “Peggy at the Movies – TV shows to check out.. or not – Week 2”

  1. I’m kind of wary of starting to watch new shows when they have less than 2 seasons in the bag. I’ve had a couple of shows I’ve like that got cancelled arguably prematurely. Very annoying when that happens. I’ve heard great things about Homeland though. Since it’s the final season, I think it’s time I start watching it.

    1. Homeland got shaky there for awhile.. but I’m so impressed with this final season. truly. I had Showtime for a bit when I had a good deal on it – but now, I can’t keep subscribing to all these new sites as why did I ‘cut the cord’ then if not to save money. So i waited till I knew it was almost’s got 2 more eps. I believe..that’s why I did the 30 days Free. hahhahaah

      1. I mean they really did. I’m happy for that as it’s made it go out with a good season. I always liked it & thought it had quality writing, but it got a little far fetched with bringing Quinn back from the dead a few too many times. 🙂

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