As we continue my quarantine TV watches..I have instituted a rule for myself..No TV before 6pm unless its Sunday or I seriously probably would suffer from over-watch. 🤣
Starting off the week with an oldie but a goodie

Law & Order: SVUNBC
This show has held up over time so very well, with it’s ever changing cast and stories pulled from headline news at hand, working for it – and always led by the wonderful #MariskaHargitay
Grade: B

Killing Eve: BBC/AMC Network
One of the most original shows on TV perhaps only being outdone by its stellar acting of it’s two leads #SandraOh & #JodieComer the just released Season 3 seems to be holding its own.
Grade: A

Ray Donovan: SHOWTIME
Finishing up my 30 day free trial here, I caught up on this one. What was once original storylines, have become a bit over the top as how many times can #JonVoight survive death here. He plays a terrible father/human and sadly I don’t think he’s acting.They moved the show to NYC/Boston for Season 6 where the characters originally hailed from, and it was okay.. but it doesn’t seemed to have saved the now far-reaching plots. If it didn’t have #LievSchreiber and a few other fantastic would be unwatchable
Grade: C-

Little Fires EverywhereHULU
Have you ever started watching a show/movie where within the first 5 minutes you realize you’ve read the book? Well that was me here. And it was a great book and this show seems to pick up its essence with #ReeseWitherspoon & #KerryWashington holding up as the leads.
Grade: B

Briarpatch: USA
Rosario Dawson looks stunning in this show from her hair to her nails to her clothes. But the shows weird premise is a tough one to keep you entertained throughout its 10 episodes..though I made it thru all of them. It’s a mish-mash to be sure.
Grade: C-

Come back next week for more Peggy at the Movies giving you some more quarantined shows to watch.
Stay Safe and Sane.

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  1. You’re doing sterling work, thank you for guiding us through these dark times! I’m sorry you don’t love Ray Donovan – I think it’s one of the most brilliant shows in the last 10 years and some of the humour is so dark it’s breathtaking – Season 6 Episode 4 is totally wild! The final scene made me gasp with laughter!

    1. Awww you’re so welcome..I’m trying to just keep doing something! And I DID once upon a time.. I LOVED IT – especially the first couple of I noted.. but come on – how many stupid things can one family do and still keep getting out of it? And by stupid – I mean killing people or getting killed & surviving it over & over & over again. It’s the acting that gives the show it’s gumption because at this point, the writers are just pulling shit out of their asses! hahahaah I really had hope for Season 6 because I thought “oh they are going back to where it all started” I couldn’t afford Showtime any more so I ended at eps. 3. i got to go back and finish it plus Season 7 with this free trial. When Mickey lived thru the prison bus fire..I couldn’t have eyerolled any harder….but I kept watching because I thought they would redeem themselves finally. they didn’t. They should’ve ended the show on a high note – sadly, now will be a low note ending as they’re not even sure a Season 8 is happening. We shall see! 🙂

  2. I liked much of the first season of Killing Eve. I was unfortunately dissuaded from continuing after one of the characters, a male character ends up dead because he made what seemed to me like the dumbest decision anyone in his position could have ever made.

    I’ tried to explain that without any obvious spoilers. hopefully you know who I’m talking about. 😁

    1. Shit.. I can’t remember which one it is..I feel like two people did this. hahahahaha I just like it because there was never a show like it before. the idea is beyond original. And the acting is stellar.

      1. It’s the one whose job is usually behind a desk and he’s a dad. You can edit the ‘dad’ part out after you’ve read my comment if you like. I’d hate to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. 😁

        You’re certainly right about the idea and the acting. My sister is a big fan.

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