TV.. Some New & some Old shows coming back this week..

Starting last night we got Season 4 of ‘Downton Abbey’ ~  why is it we all (especially Americans) love this show so much??..I think it’s because it gives us an insight to something we really know nothing about and they make us like all the characters pretty much..even the ones we love to hate..with a good balance of drama, love & some really great one-liners and acting from the wonderful Maggie Smith.  She is always impeccable!!   We also however got ‘The Good Wife’ coming back in what is by far it’s BEST season ever.. I mean the whole show is just pure GOLD!!!  Alicia & Will.. hell, you know this is all foreplay leading up to what will surely be an epic rekindle of romance & major sex scene upcoming between them..I mean COME ON!!  you know it is! 😀

Tonight, Monday, ‘Hostages’ is ending Season 1.. helllooooo…helloooooo.. yes I said it’s the Season Finale of ‘Hostages’.. yep.. that’s what I thought.. no one cares.. Sad too because I love Toni Collette, Tate Donovan & Dylan McDermitt, but the show just never really got to any build up or intensity and wowed absolutely no one. Really was hoping the best for this show..but alas..we probably won’t see it come back.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, is hopeful for me.. ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ is back and if you haven’t watched this show, you are missing probably one of the funniest shows on TV.. yeah..I know..I didn’t think it would be that great either..but oh how good it is.. If you’re looking for laughs..this is the show.. Skip ‘New Girl’ as it’s really gone downhill this year..used to be quirky &…not so much. Also, and please please please cross your fingers for this one, SAWYER IS BACK!! yes.. yes.. you heard his name is Josh Holloway..but dammit we’ve been ‘Lost’ (pun intended:) without Sawyer…!  I so hope his new show ‘Intelligence’ at 9pm is good.. I am really praying to the TV gods for this one..  And lastly, ‘JUSTIFIED’ is back.. if you’ve never watched this show on FX10pm,’ve been missing out on some really good shit..I love Raylon (Timothy Olyphant) & Boyd (Walton Goggins) as they are 2 of my favourite characters on TV!  It’s just a damn good show and it should be watched by all.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that ‘Killer Women’ a new show from Sofia Vergara also debuts tomorrow..but yeah..I will be foregoing it in favour of ‘Justified’ sorry.. 

Wednesday – a lot of your usual shows are back, ‘The Middle’ (which I like) and ‘Modern Family’ etc etc..So is ‘Law & Order SVU’ which I will dutifully DVR because really what is TV without some L & O in it somehow, some way!! ‘Revolution’ is also back and shout out to Billy Burke.. I like this’s not the best show or anything..but it’s very watchable. So yeah..I’m in to see it come back.

Thursday – Again shows are slowly coming back and I think the only new show is ‘The Assets’ which isn’t’s very 1980’s spy a ‘Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy’ kinda TV show.. I give most things 2 eps. unless they are horribly bad during the 1st one.. so this will get a chance from me..

Friday, usually not much happening..but yeah..Dracula..who doesn’t want to watch an hour of Jonathan Rhys Meyers doing anything,,ha!  😀

So.. that’s it for now..As more mid-season replacements come up – they will be talked about..

Cheers until then..



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