PaleyFest 2015 ~~ March 6 – 15, Los Angeles, CA

For those who are interested ~ here are the panel listings for PaleyFest Los Angeles. DEFINITELY some great shows up this year! I was able to attend a few of the panels last year, and it is really a great time and well put on festival especially for us TV lovers.. I look forward to covering more this year, so stay tuned! For those of you across the pond 🙂 and everywhere in between, they also have a great live feed to follow to make you feel as though you are right there!
This years panels are as follows:

3/6: Opening: Homeland 7pm
3/7: A Salute to Comedy Central 12 pm
3/7: The Good Wife 8 pm
3/8: Girls 1 pm
3/8: Scandal 7 pm
3/11: Teen Wolf 7 pm
3/12: Outlander 7 pm
3/13: Glee Farewell 7 pm
3/14: Arrow & The Flash 4 pm
3/14: Modern Family 8 pm
3/15: Jane The Virgin 4 pm
3/15: Closing: AHS: Freak Show 8 pm

All times listed are PST.

3 thoughts on “PaleyFest 2015 ~~ March 6 – 15, Los Angeles, CA”

  1. AHS Freak Show closing…ha. I gave up on that show halfway through the new season, and I should’ve done it a long time ago.

    Glad to see a Comedy Central one, though, which has some truly great stuff out right now.

    1. I gave up on it middle of 2nd season..for a few eps. then went back for the end.. 3rd season was even sillier so stopped aft. they had Kathy Bates as a head on a platter..*eyeroll* watched the 1st eps. of this season and said..nope. ha! Not sure what the Comedy Central one entails but my budget says I have to pick n choose only a gotta go with my favs!! 😀

      1. I thought season 2 was pretty good, but season 3 was atrocious.

        Comedy Central entails Nathan For You, Review, and Broad City. Plus probably the end of Colbert.

        But yeah, Good Wife and Homeland are great choices! That’s what I’d pick as well.

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