So “Hobbs and Shaw people…much as I hate to admit it…I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout most of this film!! Dwayne Johnson as “Hobbs” and Jason Stathom as “Shaw” continue their cantankerous, yet funny bantering relationship in their first foray out alone in spin-off land of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

Let’s face it..we don’t go into these movies for the acting or the story line. We go in it for the action, stunts and for the sheer purpose of being entertained. You get all that plus some great humor schticks courtesy of Ryan Reynolds and Rob Delany, as the two Agents who recruit our lead characters to join the fight to save the world, and Kevin Hart as the Air Marshall who is dying to be part of their team and make the duo a trio. 

Add in Idris Elba as your villain “Brixton” or as he calls himself #TheBlackSuperman and you’ve got yourself a movie worth watching.

Oh and lest we forget the beautiful Vanessa Kirby as Shaw’s sister “Hattie”, who holds her own and makes it believable..and the wonderful Helen Mirren as their mom “Queenie” and we back are a rollin’..rollin’..rollin’.

Now again, we aren’t there for the story as it’s the usual ‘saving the world’ dramatics and the ending is a bit weak, as there is only so much hypocrisy of silly stunting one can handle.  But the soundtrack helps boom this one right along to make it an entertaining and fun time for all. And that’s all it needs to be.

And of course stay for the end credits – because you know you should! 

Grade: B-

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Media Review Screening ~ Tuesday, July 30, 2019 ~ Courtesy of Universal 

“HOBBS AND SHAW” hits  theaters Worldwide starting Friday, August 2, 2019 

5 thoughts on “REVIEW: FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: “HOBBS AND SHAW” (2019) Universal”

  1. Absolutely loved Vanessa Kirby in this, thought she fit into this universe very well. Plus the comedic cameos were great. I was glad that the film did not take itself seriously at all.

    1. Absolutely agree. Had they tried to be serious like some F & F ones.. It would have sucked just as badly. But they knew enough by now I think to not do that. Even so, I did have to laugh at some things that were so ludicrous – like when The Rock is holding the helicopter down at the end.. that was just too funny for me… and I wasn’t the only one. so it is what it is and you have to take it as such. it was fun and that’s all I can ask for!! 🙂

  2. I just posted a review that my contributor wrote and I actually enjoyed it more than he did! I’m with you Peggy, I actually enjoyed myself, though of course I rolled my eyes more than a few times (esp the fact that they made Vanessa Kirby to be the same age as Jason Statham who’s old enough to be her dad!!) But man Idris is so darn sexy in all that leather (woo wee!) but I kinda wish he’s given more leading roles. Oh and all that bantering is hilarious, though honestly I’m not fond of that famous-actor cameo.

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