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Review: “ENTOURAGE” (2015) Warner Bros.

“The Boys are back in town” — Spread the word around — The Boys are back– The Boys are back…

From the first opening scenes I’m guessing most will know immediately whether or not they will enjoy this film as before the opening credits even roll out we are caught up in the middle of a huge celebrity filled party scene as “Vincent Chase” (Adrian Grenier) is on a multi-millionaire’s yacht celebrating the end of his 9 day marriage with his friends zooming over on a speedboat to join him with nary a girl who’s not supermodel beautiful in sight. Life’s clearly a bitch for these guys..
ent 1
Entourage – based on the very popular HBO series that ran for eight seasons, is a fun, fast-paced, energetic look at both sides of the Hollywood machine. Side 1: The glamorous side of fast cars, nice homes & copious amounts of sex; Side 2: takes a really good peek at what goes on in behind-the-scenes deals that go down just to get films made. At 104 minutes long, there is not a moment wasted in packing in a ton of stuff into this glittering ride of a movie. The party scenes are fun, the dialogue is sharp and biting and the actors inhabit their respective characters well.

So remember ‘Medellin’? The film fiasco that was portrayed on the series that almost put a halt to the career of Vinnie Chase. This film picks up from the that as we once again takes a look at the lives of movie star Vincent Chase, his agent (now studio executive) “Ari Gold” (Jeremy Piven) and his group of cronies “Eric aka ‘E'” (Kevin Connolly), “Johnny Drama” (Kevin Dillon) and “Turtle” (Jerry Ferrera) who surround him. This time, the boys are making Ari’s first blockbuster picture ‘HYDE’ with Vince being not only the lead actor but in the directors chair as well. Everything threatens to go off the rails when the movie goes over budget. To get more money for the production, Ari has to go and deal with difficult Texan financier “Larsen McCredle” (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son “Travis” (Haley Joel Osment). Meanwhile, E is dealing with multiple pregnancies, Turtle is trying to court UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, Vince is dealing with his relationship with Emily Ratajkowski and directing his first major film for Ari, and Drama is coping with his stagnant career and a leaked sex tape. It’s all light fun, accompanied by fast cars, LA icon sightings and an absurd amount of celebrity cameos that if you blink you just might miss one of them.
ent 4
With various plotlines moving throughout the film, the party scene that occupies much of the middle section of the film is fantastic and the script really starts to move at a faster, funnier pace. But it’s always Ari who brings the film together. He is by far the most compelling character in the film, always ranting and raving, shouting an incessant amount of profanity at his co-workers while dealing with crazy financiers. Piven is a true scene-stealer, spouting off as much as he can and having a lot of fun with the role. As for the other four principle stars, they’re great together, and while it might take you a moment to recognize child-star Haley Joel Osmont, he does really well in this unexpected character turn with perhaps the meatiest co-star role out of all the actors, getting the chance to portray an immature Texan kid overwhelmed by the celebrity lifestyle.
ent 2
While this film is far from a masterpiece by any means, it did keep me smiling throughout with some very funny moments, great dialogue and simply put – it just all works. It’s a good summer diversion that delivers everything you want from a movie like this.. a good time.


Screening Monday, June 1st, 2015 at Pacific Grove Theatres courtesy of Warner Bros.
Nationwide release: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015





If you are like me, you probably have seen a Transformers movie..maybe even 2, and then promptly forgot about them once the ringing in your ears went away. I saw the first one, just called “Transformers” ~ don’t really remember much of it..I can’t even remember if I saw the 2nd one, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and I DEFINITELY know I did not see the 3rd one, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” so just in case you missed some of them also..here is a handy dandy little 3min recap courtesy of Vulture.com  http://www.vulture.com/2014/06/transformers-recap-three-minutes-explanation-video.html


That will catch you right up.  Unless of course you’re looking for Shia LeBouf’s character “Sam Witwicky” or Megan Fox’s character “Mikaela Banes” though i think she was gone after #2 ..or well basically if you’re looking for any other character other than the Transformers themselves..because they aren’t here.. nor are they even MENTIONED ..or do we even know they once existed.  This to me is more of a re-boot than anything else with new characters “Cade Yeager” (Mark Walhberg) (aka Marky Mark always and forever!), his perpetually tan daughter, “Tessa Yeager” (Nicole Peltz), his surfer bestie, “Lucas Flannery” (T.J. Miller), the oh so adorable Irish boyfriend in the middle of nowhere Texas, “Shane Dyson” (Jack Reynor)…and of course the villains, “Harold Attinger” (Kelsey Grammer), “James Savoy” (Titus Welliver), and of course the bad man who turns ‘good’ (ZZZZzzzzzz) “Joshua Joyce” (Stanley Tucci).

I’m not even sure there is really a plot to this movie.. or maybe there is too much of one trying to be an actual plot as the majority of it makes no sense…because this is a LOOONGG, LOOUUDD..movie.. Went to the restroom for a few moments and absolute heaven,..as in quietness. To be truthful, the first 30min of this movie were not awful.. Basically, Cade buys an old truck, which as he is repairing it, turns out to be the long missing Optimus and once it’s figured out by Harold Attinger, they end up being hunted by a top-secret team of Transformer Destroyers. We are supposed to be on the side of the Transformers but Attinger, who is with a special secret CIA group & his hitman, Savoy have a huge money deal with Joyce to get all the metal the Transformers are made of to then make their own and do what else..control the world..Lo and behold, they also have a piece of alien technology called ‘the Seed,’ which, it turns out, is what REALLY wiped out the dinosaurs.Yep..there was no ice age people.. this is the truth!!! 😀

What all this is really leading up to is SEQUEL!!! It’s CLEARLY noted in so many different ways in so many different sentences you can’t stop laughing..and that is what I did through most of the movie.. LAUGH!! I can’t help myself during bad movies.. at least it makes them fun.  It jumps from one bad CGI action sequence to another.. I mean you see them crash into a bridge and it blows up..yet 2 scenes later you see said bridge perfectly fine in the background. Come on Michael Bay.. check your CGI dude. While most of it is that bad, some of the chase scenes were decent including one at the end where they have a fun one scrambling down the sides & ledges of those cramped Hong Kong apartment buildings. I also kept laughing as they try to have silly, dumb, trying to hard to be witty, banter between characters at times that makes you just want to pound your head and scream WHYYYY!! WHYYYY!!!  it doesn’t work nor fit.  And the end we get a what is supposed to be a heartfelt speech from Optimus.. which is basically telling you what the next movie is going to be all about. Oh and there is dino bots..which are okay..


The best part of this whole experience for me..These pic below..#bumblebeebot #Paramountscreeningwithfriends Jason, Cody, Jon